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By Anonymous
cannot be used on fist as of release
By Anonymous
Can this be used on any katana? I have yet to get my physical copy of the game in the mail or else I'd try on my own.
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Can't understand why they'd take this away from katanas.
By Anonymous
You can if you dual wield with the Watizashi and put parry on the Watizashi. But you'll have to 2 hand the katana to use it's weapon art.
By Anonymous
I've tired parry on everything and have most success with shields, maybe it's from DS3 experience etc, but the dagger has a wind up for example, and the scimitar and fist weapons appear to have a small wind up compared to the shield.

I just tested this for awhile on the tower shield and spear enemies early on by hitting their shield and parrying after my attack knowing their follow up (ignoring their delayed follow up).

Could only partial parry with scimitar and fist weapons, couldn't with the dagger, but could get the full parry out with medium shields.

Not sure if this is accurate though and sometimes randomly it seems you get a slight stun from hitting a blocking shield?

With shield I could parry a counter attack from a blocking enemy and couldn't do that with any other parry types.
By Anonymous
Thanks for this! I was about to start testing this myself but you saved me the trouble!
By Anonymous
I've done some more testing, seemed scimitar parry has been improved.

I feel like scimitar around a small to medium shield timing, but the window is maybe slightly smaller. On top of that if you screw up a parry with a shield you can kind of poise through their attack, whereas no shield weapons can get stunned.
By Anonymous
If i killed the knoght that sells it were else can i buy it?
By Anonymous
I think you can offer a special item to the turtle priest to revive the NPCs you���ve killed?
By Anonymous
How is this on Estoc?
By Anonymous
It���s a weapon art that���s a weapon. Kinda like how it can be put on the parrying dagger
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if the buckler parry from the buckler shield is any better than regular parry from small shields like the rift shield?
By Anonymous
I don't think it gives you more parry frames but it is way faster, wich makes it easier to land your parry. In my opinion it still is better to use a 100% physical shield instead
By Anonymous
using small shields parry is at least 3 times easier than medium shields, unless you're doing set up parry only, which would be 2 times easier
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Its a shame parry is not for all weapons !!!
By Anonymous
sorta spoiler: later in the game, these enemies called Bell Hunters start killing a bunch of merchants in the world, this guy included. I killed him and he dropped a bell, but the bell didnt include any of his Ashes of War. is there any way to get a hold of this item after this event happens?
By Anonymous
Are you sure he���s dead? In my game, the bell Hunter replaced the shopkeeper during the spawn event, but in the morning, the shopkeeper was back, alive and well.
By Anonymous
The Bell Bearing Hunters only appear at night in replacement of the merchants. Said merchants return during daytime regardless if you defeat the Hunter or not.
By Anonymous
This is currently happening to me as well. The merchant doesn't come back, and also the Hunter was there no matter the time of day. No ashes on the bell bearing he dropped, so seems like I'm not getting a parry ash for this toon?
By Anonymous
While practicing parries on bosses I noticed that sometimes an enemies' attack/weapon goes right through my (seemingly well timed) parry without causing any damage to me (i.e. no partial parry) but also the boss is not staggered.
Has anyone of you experienced something similar?
By Anonymous
It's a partial parry
By Uxoh
Parry only severely damages poise health, most enemies need only one to get staggered, but a lot of bosses will need multiple.