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By Anonymous
More than a decade later, the Black Knight may have acquired the ability to go frog mode, but he still gets wrecked by my nipple-looking portable arm plating.
By Anonymous
Not a shred of lore on this page. Pitiful. As far as Fextralife is concerned, this enemy should be called 'numbers', like all the other ones, and simply rated for difficulty.
By Anonymous
ER players hate lore because it requires them to think (head hurt)
By Anonymous
ANON Mar 13, 2023
Crucible Build *update*
Vigor 56
Mind 15
Endurance 36
Strength 50
Dexterity 14
Intelligence 9
Faith 42
Arcane 7
By Anonymous
One word solution for the ones on Nokron on the way to the gargoyles fight: Rejection. One off the waterfall, and the other off the bridge or lip of the building. You'll have to chain it, and don't do it when his shield is up. Aside from that works like a charm. If they stun lock you get away and catch them in a gap between their movements. Rejection stun locks them, just edge forward to keep pushing them off.
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By Shroudedllama
I use the One-Eyed Shield on both although on the first play through you most likely won’t have it yet. Won’t knock them off but you can hit the one on the walkway from above and the one on the waterfall from below to aggro him and then finish him before he ever gets to you. Only takes a few shots each.
By Anonymous
The real boss of Redmane Castle.
By Anonymous
I'm presently playing a no-magic build. Just a rapier, parry shield, short bow, consumables. Crucible Knights went from being my least favorite fights to fights I seek out even when there's no reward like that Tree Crucible before Valiant Gargoyles. The reach on that spear thrust is so easy to mis-judge but it feels so nice to parry them and take them down.

I was at one time entirely incapable of parrying anything. Pages, Soldiers, and Crucible Knights are a great way to learn. It feels great turning what was once a slog into a "4 parries and they're dead" fight.

I'm thinking when I take this character to NG+ she's coming back as a Crucible Knight.
By SparkyTheSunflower
You can Straight Up Cheese these guys' first phase with life steal fist, Walk to behind them base on where their attacks will miss the most and just spam lifesteal fist, The shield ones can't do anything until second phase if you do it correctly
By Anonymous
Crucible Knight vs Lesser Burial Watchdog
Place your bets
By Anonymous
i hate the tree ones jab attack i always think im out of range but i never am
By Anonymous
Men only want one thing and it’s ****ing crucible knight spirit ashes
By Anonymous
aMEN, brother!
By Anonymous
D#mn right
By Anonymous
Rotten Duelist would be dope too. Especially if it does the throw-off-cap animation ever time you summon them.
By Anonymous
That should have been the reward for the Spiritcaller Snail fight in Liurnia instead of the Glintstone sorcerer ashes
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