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By JillLloyd
This feels like Fromsoft doing self parody. This boss is like what people who don't play dark souls think these games are like. It's especially disappointing because the area and lead up to the fight are so interesting, a festival of war in a plague ridden area and the you just get a fight in a big desert with a giant dude who one-shots you from across the map. I'm not saying it doesn't look cool but it has no bearing on what lead up to it.
By Anonymous
Maybe looking cool and memorable is the point.
By Anonymous
Even as a mage, he never one-shotted me. Either you were underleveled or you had no health.
By Anonymous
Kinda wish the intro the fight was better. You just summon in with him immediately shooting arrows at you. He should start the fight coming down at you like a meteor but oh well
By Anonymous
I personally find radahn to be the hardest boss in elden ring.
By Anonymous
I hate this fight so much, he just jump and move to fast, impossible to him to defeat but it's the fight is so slow without root
By Anonymous
Not sure what you mean by root

But i found it confusing at first, but actually he has a basic set of attacks he do just gotta have your eyes keen to see them
By Anonymous
The trigger for the Radahn Festival is NOT taking the Grand Lift of Dectus. Or if it is, it is not the only trigger. I had the festival trigger when I arrived. It's likely that just helping Alexander will trigger the Radahn Festival as well.
By Anonymous
It's triggered by talking to Ranni or resting at a grace in Altus Plateau, which can be accessed through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.
By Anonymous
as a classic strength build (2 handed Lordsworn greatsword player) i loved learning his moveset and overcoming the obstical, apart from the 4 meteor jump attack, the feel of knowing his moveset and beating him is awesome brings me back to the rest of the souls games, risk, reward and skill. i wish i could say the same for some other ER bosses...
By Anonymous
Apparently he's afraid of baths and probably needs one in round 2 after getting hit with all that rotten breath. Just sayin'
By Anonymous
nah fam, he scared of bath cuz he got mad rabies
By Anonymous
70,000 runes? All that for 70,000 runes? Greyll, Black Blade Kindred, Death Rite Birds, Night's Calvalry pair, all give more than that.
By Anonymous
I���ve had a harder time with all of those bosses (besides Greyll) than Radahn.
By Anonymous
Well what do you expect from a 'boss' that can't afford a decent meal let alone a horse that doesn't make him look ridiculous as he rides around stuck in a sand litter box like a cat in prison? Dude is broke!
By Anonymous
Those don’t grant more runes, what are you on about?
By Anonymous
Fought him pre patch. Has enormous hitboxes. Stuns you and kills you in one combo. Borderline broken design. Shame.
By Anonymous
And here people complain that he was better pre-patch despite this.
By Anonymous
Amen. You only have to read what they patched to know pre-nerf Radahn isn't anything you should want back. The only significant changes are to his purple arrows and his hitboxes. The purple arrows were so the run back isn't as tedious and you can just Torrent up to him (not like they're hard to roll through) and his hitboxes accurately match his weapon model currently so obviously they were way too big before.
If people want him as a challenge try RL1 no summons. One of the best designed bosses in the game imo, and it shows on challenge runs.
By Anonymous
Does summoning npcs makes him stronger?
(e.g. more health?)
By Anonymous
I don't think so. The festival NPCs feel almost required for the fight, so I doubt they increase his HP or damage. If I'm not mistaken, NPC summons don't buff bosses, only summoning other playerd does.
By Anonymous
They are not at all required for the fight haha, it’s just a fun way to make it possible at a lower level while still requiring you to learn his moveset a bit and get damage on him

If you fight him solo, he probably will seem less erratic because he isn’t focused on multiple enemies and swinging around.
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