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By Anonymous
Poke him in the rear with giant hunt
By Anonymous
Make sure you have a weapon at 12 from the bell bearings you should have, not doing so makes this fight a lot harder than it needs to be
By Anonymous
Most people think Leonard is suffering but he’s probably thinking “I may be scrawny, but thanks to my best friend General Radahn, I can continue into battle as his steed without failure. Truly an awesome leader.”
By Anonymous
I mean due to Radahn's gravity magic Leonard probably feels literally nothing from Radahn, hell Radahn could just fly if he wanted to but he brings his horse in just so he can feel involved.
By Anonymous
I'm sorry to tell you this, but look at Leonard. If he is alive, he is no better off than those near insane, half-alive undead nobles we find traveling everywhere in limgrave, unfortunately. Since Radahn is using gravity magic, he is probably also using it to move his dead horse's corpse around, seeing how he completely lost his mind to the scarlet rot.
By Anonymous
a little too late but here's my strat for every playthrough: one shield with 100 physical damage reduction and enough stamina to not be guard broken from 1 hit

start: ride to the right side of the arena, terrain there is higher and gravity arrows never hit
press dodge when you see arrow coming out of his bow, going horizontally really works to not get hit

after reaching him dismount, stick close to him and block all attacks save for the ones where he spins. All spin attacks are unblockable. While guarding, move around him and try to stick to the back of his legs

easy boss with phantoms, but
>wanting it to be easy
By Anonymous
Get on Torrent and ride around, summoning the NPC companions. Let them do the damage to Radahn. As they die, ride around and summon them again. Do not engage Radahn directly. Eventually the NPCs will kill him for you.

Lot of hype for a boss fight where you can win by not attacking the boss a single time
By Anonymous
You're actually pathetic
By Anonymous
Nothing pathetic about using a mechanic built into the game. You look stupid for saying that.
By Anonymous
You see him? This Radahn boy? Son of Radagon who really likes Godfrey? With such idols, I'm sure he is going to be a great general one day.
By Anonymous
For a dual wield daggers bleed build (with light roll), using AoW Bloody Slash really help to deal with him, good reach help reduce risk of running too close and miss attacking due to short reach of a dagger. Keep looking for opening for Bloody Slash then recover and dodge his attacks, when he’s about to go second form, you can spam 2-3 Bloody Slash to deal huge damage.
By Anonymous
i severely underestimated how painful pacifist radahn would be
By Skvader
I'm so sorry you went through that.
By Anonymous
3-4 rock slings definitely doesn't bring him to his knees
By Anonymous
sorry if this is a duplicate comment, but i don't think it posted the first time. it seems like in co-op, radahn's 2nd phase meteor targets alexander primarily, and blaidd instead if he's not there. so if you run away from those two you'll get hit by it much less frequently. i've seen alexander survive it, though, so the page isn't correct in saying he always dies.
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