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By Anonymous
If Radahn wanted to, he could've just yeeted all the stars at Malenia, just sayin'.
By Anonymous
Dude got clapped by Morgott and Malenia turned him into a dog. bUt bUt hE cOuLd hAvE dEsTrOyEd tHe lAnDs bEtWeEn iF hE wAnTeD tO. You can lay off the cope now ane read some actual lore.
By Anonymous
lmao at the mentality of anon @26Sept
By Anonymous
“Read actual lore” says the guy citing a concept image. Our boy Radahn sent Melania back to the haligtree in a coma and held back the stars despite his minds rotting.
By Anonymous
nvm just use horse and jump out of the spot
By Anonymous
just fought him offline after the cutsceen my chacter stuck on his courpse, cant move or do anything and cant teleport what to do?
By Anonymous
Radahn falls, everybody dies.
By Anonymous
Best fight in the game as far as I'm concerned. The presentation is beautiful, Radahn's lore is well defined and really interesting, and wow is the fight immersive and engaging! The cherry on top- it is super important to come here, even if you already have your two shardbearers. With how much stuff gets opened or progressed just by beating Radahn, you'll want to come here anyway! Absolute 10/10 by a hundred miles. That epic second phase soundtrack is nice too.
By Anonymous
For anyone reading the comments here, read this in a patrick bateman voice
By Anonymous
NG5 - haven't rested at a SOG - discovered several but haven't rested. Haven't talked to Melina. Did Godrick and walked overland to do Rykard. Festival was active, so I did Radahn.
So I guess having to 'rest' at a SOG in Altus isn't completely the case.
By Anonymous
I ended up stumbling upon him at level 80, I did not use any summons and wanted to fight him the hard way, I was using underlevelled holy elemental non status weapons and icon shield/blessed dew combo, he kept destroying me until I learned ALL of his combos, a few hours later, I finally beat him and felt on top of the world
By Anonymous
I think people are seriously overestimating the nerf on this guy. After his hitboxes were fixed and his damage was corrected to normal in the update after that, there has been very little change in his actual damage output and health pool now versus when the game first came out, although there was a shaky time a few months back when his damage was accidentally nerfed significantly.
By Anonymous
'accidentally nerfed significantly' made it to a software released to the public.
Bad quality control. I hope whoever responsible was promoted to where they could do no more harm.
By Anonymous
Lmao my guy, this whole game has terrible quality control and it's their most critically acclaimed game of all time. Fromsoft is never going to be even remotely the same company after this, the employees who did this **** made them money so they're here to stay.
By Anonymous
I regret activating the summoning pool at radahn. I feel like hes the worst boss to fight with other players. He gets a lot more health and you cant use torrent. Most of the time the host dies before i can even run all the way up to the boss to take the aggro. Hosts just keep getting 1-2 shot by the arrows. And when the boss has so much health it doesnt feel like i do much more damage than the npc summons. There is no advantage to fighting this with other players. Just use the npc summons.
By Anonymous
I heard this guy was tough, so I explored the entirety of Limgrave, Liurnia and Caelid, and fought everything there was to fight. I challenged Radahn at level 81 (as a Wretch) and....even with a simple quality melee build, he was stupidly easy. The summons took most of his health, while I waded in for a hit or two. Oh well, I suppose Malenia will be tougher.
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no way man :000000 that's actually crazy!!!!!!
By Anonymous
Says boss is easy yet farmed 3 whole regions and even after doing that let the summons do all the work
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