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By Anonymous
Chad horse
By Anonymous
feels very difficult, im level 45 not sure if thats underleveled or not and my uchigatana is +8 rn.

He's just a whirlwind of massive sweeping attacks that are difficult to roll through
By Anonymous
you are underleveled, go back once you are 55-60+ and get a better weapon, uchigatana is really... meh
By Anonymous
definitely underleveled.
By Anonymous
Caelid as an area is level 60+ recommended.

I'm here around 60 exactly with a +14 weapon, I'd say explore elsewhere before you try Radahn, even I'm struggling a little but I'm fairly sure once I've learned his stuff I'll have him down in the next half an hour.
By Anonymous
one of the worst bosses in the souls series
By Anonymous
LMAO most pathetic case of git gud I���ve ever witnessed
By Anonymous
not the souls series
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
How do you trigger the festival ?
By Anonymous
i ****ing hate this boss but it's cool asf at the same time
By Anonymous
Summons in fight depend on who you interact with in the world such as Alexander the pot if hes not freed from the ground he won't appear at the festival, during second phase summonables can be summoned back if killed in first phase, bleed seems to work and he can be poise broken but his recovery time is only 5 to 6 seconds so be quick
By Anonymous
I never interacted with both Alexander nor the Wolf guy, yet they both appeared to me and also introduced themselves.
By Anonymous
I never interacted with Alexander and he shows up, along with several other NPCs. Out of all the npcs there the only one I DID interact with was Blaidd and that was the only time the fight was gonna start for me because prior to starting that questline the "festival" room had two bosses in it.
By Anonymous
How do you actually fight him? I've seen online articles saying to just activate the warp gate things, but they are all inactive for me. Talking to the old guy at the end of the castle just gives a cryptic clue that I cannot find the answer for
By Anonymous
You have to wait for the festival, go do other activities.
By Anonymous
You need to get to the lift north of Liurnia to activate the warp gate
By Anonymous
You have to find both Dectus Medallions and then go to Grand Lift of Dectus and activate it there. Once thats done go to the bonfire and it should start.
By Anonymous
Once I found out how to do this fight I had to admit, it's hard but a God damn cool fight.
By Anonymous
Theres no way hitting this guy with my short little sword would do any damage. I hate genetics man.
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