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By Anonymous
Can any of the lore geeks explain how he (and Alexander for that matter) got to Crumbling Farum Azula? Can he FLY, or just jump good?
By Anonymous
Maybe need more confirmation but he did not invade me in NG after i killed maliketh and dragon lord. In NG+ i visit his supposed invade location before fighting maliketh, and he DID invade, so maybe kill maliketh will lock you out of this questline final step
By Anonymous
I just killed him in Farum Azula after beating Rykard but without doing his assassination. I still got Gelmir's Fury.
By Anonymous
Respect for this man. Strong enough to throw hands with you and Godskin duo, but smart enough to drop his pride and ask for a hand with Wilhelm and Vargram. Plus he teaches you assassins gambit to deal with Ordina. I think he really had it in him to become elden lord, or at least down Rykard
By Anonymous
Repeat pancaking with the rotten great axe and lion's claw sorted this chump out. Shame really after he played a blinder vs the godskin duo.
By Anonymous
Bernahl is a real one ngl
By Anonymous
I think that the brother Bernahl mentions in his prayer is Vyke. Bernahl says he is the inheritor of his brothers will, Vykes will being to become elden lord, and Bernahls armor states that he got at least as far as the Flame Of Ruin and Vyke is found near that location.
By Anonymous
am i the only person in the world who thinks the invasion from him is ****ING IMPOSSIBLE? not only does he suffer from typical npc artificial difficulty with ten billion health and unreasonable damage, but he also has a gank of THREE beastmen with him, and on top of that, he LEAVES if you try to draw out the enemies so you can actually have a fair fight against him, like literally how the **** is anybody supposed to legitimately win this fight
By Anonymous
Ladder despawns him during invader form
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