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By Anonymous
I only found a rock sling in the chest after lifting the door at the bottom of the ruined stairs
By Anonymous
its on a body that hangs out the window in the Streets of Sages ruins. there's 4 flowers inside the room.
By Anonymous
it is inside a small broken stone tower next, a bit to the left from stairway down to the rock sling spell. It is guarded by 3 plant enemies
By Anonymous
You don���t need to fight the enemies. You. Can jump from the edge of the swamp up to the ledge o the wall that holds it.
By Anonymous
You can get this staff before you even fight the first boss if you know where you're looking
By Anonymous
Or if you get teleported by that goddamn chest and randomly grab it while you're riding for your life through the swamp. Not that I would know
By Anonymous
what spells does this saff boosts?
By Master of Octopi
The ones that do gravity damage, like Rock Sling (which is about twenty feet away from the staff).
Going to be at least a week or two before all the spells in the game are listed in detail and organized neatly.
By Anonymous
Rock sling (found near the staff) is a great spell with average casting time. Highly recommend grabbing the staff early
By Anonymous
All purple associated Magic Spells. ( Gravity Spells , which are mainly indicated with a Circular Icon when casting just like the General Boss Radhan advised them ).... So Rock Sling , Meteorite , Heavy Meteorites , Gravity Well and the Upgraded Gravity Bolts later on i forgot what its called... But i think this Staff gets Outperformed when hitting other Special Somber staffs to +7 , and Normal Staffs to +14. So pick wisely in Mid-Late Game this staff is pretty much disposable since it doesn't have Upgrades.
By Anonymous
Excellent early game staff for sorcerers, the fact that you can't upgrade it just means you can save up resources for other weapons
By Anonymous
Is there even a better staff in game?
By Anonymous
I would guess that the staffs that can be upgraded will end up being strictly better once they are. The advantage of this one is that it comes stock with an extremely high sorc. scaling, but can't be upgraded. Unless you're focusing on Gravity magic I would guess that this staff will fall off lategame.
By Anonymous
You won't be able to upgrade a staff beyond this one till really late at +5 my legendary rennala staff is still 30 points weaker than this
By Anonymous
Try fingers but hole
By Anonymous
I got reported for leaving this message lmfao
By Anonymous
The scaling for it is 196, not 60. It's 60 if you don't have the right stats.
By Anonymous
It depends on you intelligence level, it's not fixed at 196.
By Anonymous
Mines at 203scaling
By Anonymous
Great staff to use until you have stats to use Lusat's
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