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By Anonymous
If you don't use gravity sorceries, you should switch to the Academy Glinstone Staff once you can upgrade it +14 or more. It will be a straight upgrade for damage output.
By Anonymous
Thank you for the tip
By Anonymous
Ok bellow me I spoke to soon, after reading the Carian Glintstone staff page, my bad XD.
By Anonymous
This Staff has the highest scaling out of all the staffs, OP am I right.
By Anonymous
It would be great if you could upgrade this staff and it scaled with both Strength and Intelligence, it would be very useful for big strong nerdy boys
By Anonymous
That's what demi-human queen's staff is for
By Anonymous
Oh you mean Wise Guys Eh?
By Anonymous
If it was upgradeable it wouldn’t be S scaling to start with low requirements.
By Anonymous
At 41 int (when Academy Glinstone Staff passes Demi-human) the Academy Glinstone staff and Demi-Human surpass it when upgraded past +14 from my testing (note: I did not take into account the 10% gravity bonus, but result will still be similar anyway).

Basically, at 41 int and stave upgrades past +14 you should start using a better staff and keeping the Meteorite staff in your offhand if you still want the bonus and don't mind duel wielding. Let me know if my clacs are wrong, they're likely a little off.
By MMaya
How do I get up to staff upgrades 14+ while using this staff.. when i can't upgrade it??
By Anonymous
@MMaya they mean when any other staff is upgraded to +14 while at 41 INT the meteorite staff isn't worth it any longer
By Anonymous
even though I'm using sorceries as a side weapon along with Wing of Astel, they still do more damage because all of my damage sorceries are gravity. should I just go full caster?
By Anonymous
in my experience, the game really rewards you for being able to switch between range and melee. so even if Wing of Astel does less damage, you'll still want to keep it around in order to have the ability to deal good damage at close range without consuming FP, land critical hits/backstabs,have a very fast attack, etc. YMMV, of course, this is just how the game has felt for me, but given how light Wing of Astel is you don't have much to lose by keeping it in one hand with a staff in the other.
By Anonymous
paired meteor staffs can be pretty absurd at low level, regularly oneshotting people with full charged gravity well at 45+8
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This thing is absolutely busted. My friends and I are playing a seamless co-op no upgrades run and one of my friends went running off and picked this up to use. Now I know why hes melting everything despite no upgrades. Damn thing is already maxxed out.

"Hurr hurr its cuz it has S scaling" I knew that mf was lying on a technicality.
By Anonymous
This thing absolutely destroys in PvP at low level, with the right equipment I have over 60 int at rl 30 and one shot everyone
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