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By montanab13
Didn't see it posted yet. Found a Noble's Estoc. Same move set as the estoc but appears slightly shorter. 3.5 weight. Req 9 str & 10 Dex. Says "Daubed with gold from tip to tail, it should fetch a good sum" I think it was a loot drop and not a designated pick up. Cheers!
By Anonymous
It's the exact same length. Put the Noble in your left hand and it will look slightly longer.
By Anonymous
you can get rogier's keen rapier from him when he's at the roundtable
By Anonymous
You get Rogiers Rapier +8 if you talk to him after killing Godwyn at the Table of Lost Grace
By Anonymous
isit the strongest rapier ? overall
By Anonymous
The Estoc is still the Bestoc
By RunningWhisper
Found the Bloody Helice thrusting sword. Its inside the chest past the boss room in the Writheblood Ruins. You can find this place by following the road after the Road of Iniquity Side Path site of grace. Its near the windmill village site of grace.
By Anonymous
Anyone know if the spiral rapier from the Second Church of Marika is in the game?
By Anonymous
It's called the Bloody Helice and it drops from the boss in Writheblood Ruins, north-east of the Second Shrine
By Anonymous
Why is Frozen Needle listed as best while Noble's Estoc has more dmg, same ash of war, easier upgrade (ordinary stones) and betted scaling?
By Anonymous
Prolly because the Frozen Needle has a Ranged Attack.
By Anonymous
Frostbite buildup Passive.
By Anonymous
Rogier's is the best rapier in the game atm. Best base damage, best scaling, second best crit damage, fastest moveset (Antspur is slightly slower), and you can put Bloodhound's Quickstep, Parry, or Blood Slash on it depending on your preference.
By Anonymous
Rogiers has worse base damage than the normal rapier though...
The damage listed here is for +8 not +0
By Anonymous
Rogier's has the coolest R2. The vanilla rapier will always be the best though, even if backstabs are wack in this game
By Anonymous
I found another rapier-like weapon. It's called "Great épée".
I'm sorry but I don't know where I found it. May be a loot from a mob, but I don't recall enemies using rapiers. Maybe red-hooded guards from Stormveil ?
I can tell it's def. in Limgrave or in Stormveil castle. Except for a couple of random teleports, I've never ventured out of the main area, I'm still lvl 27.
I still cannot use it since my build is Dex/Int and it requires STR 15 [D]
(I have STR 13, and growing it just to use this weapon) and DEX 16 [D]
Impaling Thrust; 124 base dmg + 49 on my DEX 18
My Estoc +4: 131 + 24
All things considered, this looks just better on paper.
I suppose we'll see.
By Anonymous
Great epee is 'heavy thrusting sword', not the 'thrusting sword', different weapon category (at least in game).
By Anonymous
The one thing i didn't like about the great epee was it's speed, it seems very slow for it's damage output. But i never upgrated it, and i'm playing a faith/dex hybrid, so i didn't really build for it.
By Anonymous
Using this with the “Blood Tax” ash of war and Hoslow’s Set (minus the helmet) for my vampire noble RP build :D
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