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By Anonymous
If anyone is looking for a way to cheese the one in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree: Trigger the spawn, then book it back to the branch you used to get to the island. If you go halfway up the branch you will be in spell/incantation range and just outside of his attack range. I stood there and laughed maniacally as I pelted him with black flame fireballs.
By Anonymous
This boss had potential, but with its woooonky hitboxes, tiny arenas, and repetition; it's kind of lame. It should have been fought one time below Stormveil, the Ulcerated one on Mt Gelmir, and then the gank trio in Ashland. They diluted this guy to being more common than a Black Knight.
By Anonymous
The actual fun in fughting them comes only during rabdomizer runs, where they get stuck in the silliest of places. Once i had one stuck somewhere in Miquella's Haligtree, it kept falling and giving me runes. I think it had golden eyes once cause it gave me like 81k lol
By Anonymous
he sounds like pus of man when he do the gold explosion thing
By Anonymous
This boss was originally cut Dark Souls 3 content, and quite ****ing frankly it should've stayed that way because these things just suck, they aren't overly hard but they are super janky and slippery, annoying to fight and most importantly they are reused way too damn much to the point that whenever i see one of these stupid things for the 100 billionth time i just roll my eyes into the back of my head.
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By HealerUwU
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Came here expecting to see the "WeLL AcKShUALlY ItS A ReAlLy EaSY B0sS!!!!!11" comments and was not disappointed.

Never change souls community.
By Shitposter
the one in the haligtree can be kinda cheesed with moghwyn spear, awaken it then run up the left hill to the top and the tree spirit will stay under it so you can use the ash of war. It can still hit you though and theres also a chance he will run up the hill aswell
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By HealerUwU
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What cant be cheesed with MogWIN spear lmao.
anything bleed susceptible

Theres a reason you see it everywhere
By Anonymous
You can climb back the root/branch you came down, from there is just a matter of pelting it with whatever you want, you'll be perfectly safe.
By Kylew978
So, you can fight all the versions in the same play through?

If i kill stormville castles, he's independent, and the others are still there?
By Deez
Yes, they're all different entities.
By Anonymous
slow down their moveset, increase their hp, increase arena size and there we go, a better boss now
By Anonymous
Anyone else find it weird that these guys can bleed despite being both made of wood and a spirit?
By Anonymous
i believe its because they're like, failed resurrections of people by the erdtree, plus you can see flesh inbetween the wood so maybe thats why
By Anonymous
It’s a “tree” spirt and when you cut a tree it bleeds. It should be called an ulcerated zombie tree though.
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