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By Anonymous
I LOVE this fight. This boss is so much FUN.
By Anonymous
i hope thats sarcasm
By Anonymous
Where is the fire resistance???
By Anonymous
Near the top 7mder negations and absorptions
By Anonymous
the one in haligtree needs to be added
By Anonymous
I believe that falls under Putrid Tree Spirit
By Anonymous
I can't even see half the boss
By Anonymous
One in capital outskirts can be 5x Runes/ "Goldeneyed". Can't remember if it showed as such, but surprised the hell out of me when I got 44K runes from it.
By Anonymous
Love that the one for Milicent quest is in such a small arena and the terrain is so buggy all my spells deal no damage even thought I’m hitting it
By Anonymous
Run in to spawn it, then immediately double back to the roots that you used to get here. Jump onto one of the lower-hanging branches and run back up to gain some elevation. From there, just pick it off with spells/ranged attacks. Works every time.
By Anonymous
Best boss in the gamr
By Anonymous
For the Ulcerated Tree Spirit in Leyndell Royal Capital you can get it to spawn then walk back into the room the Leyndell Knight was in (assuming you killed it), lure the spirit over, and use Night Maiden’s Mist to safely kill it from within the room. You’ll have to repeat the lure/mist a couple times but it’s a safe way to get it done.
By Anonymous
You can't summon spirit ashes for the ulcerated tree spirit fight in stormveil castle.
By Anonymous
They respawn if you only kill 2 in the capital. Does anyone know if they will come back if you kill all 3? I would like to keep them there to replay the fight. Especially fun juggling 2 in a big arena.
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