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By Anonymous
Where is she the second time
By Anonymous
That's what I wanna know
By Anonymous
Me too, I kinda want her weapon
By Anonymous
Anyone know where she spawns again
By Anonymous
If you’re having trouble beating her, the jumping attack works really well.
By Anonymous
The invader AI in this game is so good. It felt like i was fighting an actual person
By Anonymous
Even if you die the first time she invades again if you just hang around the Smoldering Church long enough
By Anonymous
For everyone asking her second spawn go to the bridge of iniquity and go forward past the zombie dogs, she spawns in a little shack on the right
By Anonymous
can anyone confirm that she invades again if you stay there long enough?
By Anonymous
She does invade agian but by the corpse shack way at the other end of the map
By Anonymous
set the time to night at the grace and she will invade again (this worked for me)
By Anonymous
didn't work for me
By Anonymous
worked for me
By Anonymous
Second spawn?
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