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I still don’t know what this does
By Anonymous
Same lol
By Anonymous
It goes you more runes on kills
By Anonymous
aren't these embers/humanity
By Alzrius
When you kill major bosses, you receive Great Runes that you can equip. The Great Rune's benefits are only active when you use a Rune Arc, and last until your next death.
By Alzrius
These can be farmed by assisting other players in a boss kill, or at least some boss kills. Tested on Godric with a drop in each successful run (8 so far).
By Anonymous
same result on the imp cat boss in the catacombs
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I don't understand, how do I equip a great rune? I used Godricks great rune in the tower, what do I do with it now?
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By KitsuneTatsuki
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Return to the Roundtable and equip it there in the roundtable menu. You may activate its power using a Rune Arc, however, its effects will be lost upon death, akin to an Ember in Dark Souls III.
By Anonymous
You equip great runes at a grace
By Anonymous
Go to a Site of Grace. There is an option to equip it.
By Anonymous
Visit a Site of Grace, and equip it under the 'Great Runes' menu option, then use a Rune Arc to activate the bonus
By Anonymous
For anyone confused what these are: These are basically Embers/Humanities/Human Effigies, except this time they trigger the effect of your great rune. Without any, it increases max health until you die.

With Godrick's great rune, it increases all your attributes until you die. Your great rune (or lack thereof) determines the effect they give upon use until death.
By Anonymous
"slightly increases maximum hp" = +10% HP (presumably until you die). nice.
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To equip the great rune, you must complete it first. Each rune has a description on where to go to complete it and restore it's beneficial effects. On the map they seem to be called divine tower. Once you restore the rune, you can sit at a Grace, and equip it from the menu there. You can't equip it from your default inventory. To then activate the benefit of the equipped grace, you use a rune arc.
By Anonymous
Rune Arc = Dark Souls 3 Ember
How come you idiots in the comment section havent figured it out so far? Seriously.......
By Anonymous
It actually functions very, very differently to an ember. Like not even close. L
By Anonymous
this item has nothing to do with multiplayer
By Anonymous
Yeah if Embers also granted attribute bonuses or other special effects.
By Anonymous
because we didnt play dark souls 3 .. idiot
By Anonymous
DS3 Embers: Enables invasions, enables summon signs, increases max HP by 30%, and full heals you.
Rune Arcs: Provides an additional 10% max HP, enable your attuned Great Runes effects, heal for a small amount.

The only thing they have in common is increasing your max HP.
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By Anonymous
L + Ratio
rekt bozo
By Anonymous
I don't understand why people are saying it works very very differently to an ember. While ember had more effects, the main effect was raising your max. HP, which rune arc can do, also the effect is lost on death. So extremely similar to Ember, just with more selectable effects.
By Anonymous
Wiki exists for such kind of people lol
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