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By Anonymous
pls let rune arced players be invadable
By Anonymous
I agree with this. It should be more like embers from DS3.
By Anonymous
Hoarfrost stomp is very good for farming the rats at Castle Morne. Just got 2 RAs in 30 mins with 8 Arcane and no boosting items.
By Anonymous
pls let everyone rune arc in multiplayer, i just want to use my bloodborne rune in coop for god sake
By Anonymous
One step forward, two steps backwards. This is plain stupid. Not only it's a lazy "ember" system but dumb as well. It's fair to say that having Great Runes active 100% would be a bit OP especially on lower levels. Ok, as I said, fair enough. Here's come the BUT.

If the intent was to provide a little boost when you need it, typically in a boss fight, why would you need to go through the pain of accessing the change rune menu through a Grace site? Just enable the change from the character equip menu. Is this so hard? But to take it further, why change runes and not just let the player choose which buff to get when use an Arc depending on which you have already unlocked? Is this so hard of a concept? Lastly, online might be a good way to farm Arcs but online will someday be shutdown. Why limit the player like this? Make the farming easier and/or crafted.

I don't think these unreasonable requests/points.
By Anonymous
I think you have fair points but also not all of them are good.

I don't think the arc are a "boost" as you said. They are an upgrade. The same way ember was a health upgrade in DS3. I don't really think they are thought of "boss only" items. You invest an arc in one, get bonuses, in exchange you have to "git gud". I don't really see why it's not applicable in exploration mode. I don't think they are overpowered to have active all the time.

The Grace thing is probably to simplify. If you could change rune whenever, then what happen when you use an Arc and change Rune ? Do you keep it ? If so that mean you can change your buff on the fly, which then can be overpowered, especially with later healing Great runes.
With the actual system, it's a commitment. You choose a rune, and then can activate it whenever you want.
While i would like the ability to choose which rune is triggered WHEN you use the arc, if would make it very impractical to actually pop an Arc middle fight, because you would ahve at least one dialog box to deal with.

However i completely agree that one other source of Rune arc should be made : either high cost vendor (maybe 30k an arc or something), or maybe bump the loot chance if offline. I'm not sure about crafting, because it's either "costless" or limited in cost (either limited crafting material, or unlimited that can be farmed).

But overall, i think the Rune arc system is not really good at the moment
By Anonymous
I dont think theyre intended to be a use in a pinch item, I think its more an incentive to participate online similar to the heal you get when someone up votes a message you've made. I use to play dark souls 3 offline all the time and would end up with tons of embers. I believe as online activity begins to dwindle they will adjust drop rates and make them more available offline.
By Anonymous
congrats, every single point was asinine
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By sauberfox
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I swear every time I use a Rune Arc for a boss attempt I do way worse. I don’t know if I’m thinking about not wasting it or what but it’s an absolute bloodbath.
By Anonymous
Bruh on both Mogh and Malenia i constantly got a few hits from finishing them - said screw it I’ll just cheese with rune arc - every single time I was dead before their second phase
By Anonymous
maybe it gives you too much confidence so you make more risky plays
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By shiinzu
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Or you get so anxious of not dying that you cannot concentrate fully and commit to bad play decisions, at least that happens to me.
By Anonymous
How to never run out of rune arcs during boss attempts:
- Backup your save.
- Restore your save if ran out of rune arcs before you beat the boss.
By Anonymous
How many games later and they still havent stopped save scumming even on consoles?
By Anonymous
I thought it's just some lame projectile consumable like glintstone arc and never used it. I completed entire game without using it not realizing it acts like humanity in dark souls.
By Anonymous
There's one in the dominula village where the godskin apostle is at. Don't see it here or in the map
By Anonymous
Wish the drop rate was higher, maybe around double what it is now. Farming these just isn't worth it in the long run because I'm going to die from something dumb and then I've basically wasted 30 mins to an hour of smacking rats. And PvP basically just gives you an unlimited supply? That's stupid. Not everyone wants to play PvP, making it more viable to farm would make a lot more sense.
By Anonymous
Rats give you an unlimited supply somewhat reliably. A person's wants with regard to PVP have nothing to do with their ability to win. Most people will lose when invading since its mostly against 2-3 players.

You chose rats over PVP, you chose low risk. Your rewards reflect your choice.
By Anonymous
Ratsmacking seems to have been either horribly nerfed, or the drop rate is much worse than the cheerful "30 minutes farm" advice on the wiki implies. Just spent an hour speedfarming the Rampart Gaol, and it was more like 15 seconds per run not 30: pop Bubble Tea, run into room, spam Gravitas twice. Did this for a solid hour nonstop, maybe 20 seconds tops per cycle: not one single arc. Around 15 Golden Rune (1)s, two Golden Rune (2)s which i think i may have even already had lol, and a couple of fangs. That's it. Bupkis for arcs. Zilch. Nada. The null set of arcs. Which, frankly, is horsehit.
By Anonymous
I find it funny that only rats drop this. Embers in ds3 were dropped mostly by elite enemies.
By Anonymous
Humanity in ds1 was a giant rat drop
By Anonymous
Like responder above - Humanity dropped from all rat enemies. I recall The Depths being a great Humanity farming spot early on.
By Anonymous
ember also was dropped by rats
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