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By Anonymous
Why is everyone so mad about the droprate of these? Hello?! This is just a completely facultative item that just gives a minor bonus, don't act like you NEED to have the inventory full of rune arcs so you can have one for each time you die, that is stupid. Even more stupid is to spend hours to kill rats to farmthese. Are people for real?! Lmao
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
There's one in gaol cave entrance in a chest. And most likely many more not listed here either.
By rchapmanitt
I don't understand what these Rune Arcs actually do. When do I use them and what exactly do they do?
By Anonymous
How can I keep from dying, so I don’t have to use so many RA??
By Anonymous
Hope these become some sort of currency later like starlight shards.
I have more than 99 and they’re useless cause I don’t need them except in really dire situations.
By Anonymous
I barely use these, I dont get how you people are just blazing through them, do you guys just pop one whenever you die even if your not near a boss?
By Anonymous
How to never run out of rune arcs ever:
- Do co-op, its easy runes and arcs.
- just do multiplayer, seriously its that easy you people really are making a problem out of nothing.
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By shiinzu
It's just that all people like to deal with multiplayer, it's a personal choice. The game could be more lenient to people that actually don't like the multiplayer aspects.
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By shiinzu
in the previous reply I meant all people don't like to deal with multiplayer.
By Anonymous
Good they're drop is so low... PvP and win more or stop wasting. Not everything should be handed to us
By Anonymous
if you're like me and cooperate alot but don't eat many rune arcs you can sell these to merchants in a pinch for 200 runes a pop, very useful for shopping when you don't need 2k runes but you do need 400 and you dont have any golden rune (1) on hand
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