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By Anonymous
Killed Edgar, got a Banished Knight's Halberd +8
By Anonymous
Drops Banished Knight's Halberd +8 and returning to the location after was a "Shabriri Grape" No clue what it's for
By Anonymous
You can give the grape to the blind girl in the second place after stormveil castle (forget the name)
By Anonymous
Search up Hyetta
By Anonymous
Just iced this dude after the quest was done and he dropped the Banished Knights Halberd +8
By Anonymous
Yep, he'll invade you at "Revenger's Shack" grace and drops the +8 halberd.
By Anonymous
Came here to second this
By Anonymous
Occured for me as well!
By Anonymous
He invades at the Revenger's shack after he finds Irina dead
By Anonymous
Glad he was able to get his revenge before we kill him :)
By Anonymous
Killed him at her body but quest is still showing. This happens to anyone else or is this just me.
By Anonymous
quests log? in elden ring? The quests does��t show in the game. Stop trolling
By Anonymous
Found Irina. But killed Leonine first, before talking to him. Talked to him afterwards. Then found Irina dead. Have gone back to him, to deliver the news. But he bugged and told me stuff like: Thanks, now i can reunite with Irina.
Long Story short: I reunited him, with his daughter. (Still dropped the Halberd)
By Anonymous
You could have ruterned to Irinas corpse again, he will be there. Had the same situation
By Anonymous
That's not possible. He despawns if you kill the boss before talking to him
By Anonymous
He also helps you fight the lizard boss behind his castle.
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