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By Anonymous
Maybe they are parasites that feed on whatever magic holds the evergaols and sleep whenever there's no source of energy nearby (like those in caelid). Idk they cute tho
By Anonymous
Tough creature ahead.
Haha! Get it? Rocks!!
By Anonymous
They look like gram-positive bacteria
By Anonymous
Fromsoft pls make these guys into marketable plushies
By Anonymous
or a rubber toy
By k123
Thing: [Starts blinking faster and faster]
By k123
Ah, posted under wrong comment. Ignore that. And of course there's no way to delete.
By Anonymous
I love them.
By ZenoWave
There's a weird mix of comfort, yet pity I feel for these dudes. I don't know... I just wanna pat these things on the head and tell them "It's gonna be alright."
By Anonymous
Are they potentially attracted to optional challenges? They hang around evergaols and the entire path leading up to the great jar’s challenge.
By Anonymous
...seriously? I mean, wow... Anyone else's guess'd be "they're guarding the Evergaols", but you went with that, you sure are...special. BTW, the ones in the path leading to the Great Jar are there because THERE IS AN EVERGAOL DIRECTLY ABOVE THEM.
By Anonymous
come on now, anon2. You're just being a prick, this helps nobody and certainly not your pitiful self.
By Anonymous
if you get close enough to these dudes, you can hear them blink
By Anonymous
I like these bizarre little fellas, they just chillin, I can have an appreciation for almost anything that doesn't immediately try to murder me the millisecond they lay eyes on me.
By Anonymous
in this case... lay "eye" on you
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