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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You can't parry flails, so, no.
By Anonymous
Don't listen to the other guy, yes he's parriable.
By Anonymous
The first guy is right. The flail's item description says: "Blows from this weapon cannot be parried".
By Anonymous
******* enemy.
By Anonymous
I don't think multiplayer is allowed. I summoned a guy next to the arena and I couldn't enter the flight. He probably thought I was being an a**hole
By Anonymous
Weak to Blood 2-3 Rapid Hits gets his *** kicked
By SixOfCrows
Too drunk to figure out how to edit -- but I wasn't able to summon ash spirits. Recommend using range since he has this cheap up close fire blast he does. When he casts his long range fire ball spell and when he starts swinging his flail around like its a num-chuk hit him with something long range. Pretty easy fight
By Anonymous
More like Adan, Thief of Camera. Can't see anything with his goddamn fire orbs floating around
By Anonymous
You can just treat this guy like any invader NPCs, also he can get staggered by heavier weapons too
By Anonymous
You can’t summon anything for the evergaol fights, not even the ashes
By Anonymous
There's an NPC summon you can do during a certain questline.
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