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By Anonymous
I’d like to see a Dragonkin knight in a future DLC
By Anonymous
I was level 72 with about 25 vigor and the rot one wasnt too bad I just kept my distance and whenever scarlet rot built up on me I used flame cleanse me to get rid of it.
By Anonymous
I think it would be useful to say that the teleporter for the siofra one is on a broken pillar, since the other teleporter in the region is also in the general area so the map isn't that helpful
By Anonymous
how the hell do lightning attacks inflict frostbite, makes no sense.
By Anonymous
Frost is connected to death. Lightning to dragons. There is your connection.
By Anonymous
WTF trees aren't that big this game is so unrealistic
By Anonymous
I was lvl 130 with 50 vigor and the ****er in the Lake of Rot still kills me in two or three hits as if the stupid rot everywhere wasn't bad enough, i just resorted to summoning a mimic tear and i just spammed black flame at him while the mimic just facetanked his attacks so i could actually get some damage on the bastard without falling into the rot, i have no idea how you are supposed to effectively fight that douchebag without summons, with his ******* damage output and the rot, it seems its safest to just summon a spirit ash to tank him while you spam spells and/or use a bow.
By Anonymous
Yeah and too many people were using bloodhound step to cheese the lake which is the real reason it got the nerf.
By Anonymous
Fighting the lake of rot one without summons as pure melee i imagine would be pure agony, whoever thought it would be a good idea to place a giant-ass boss in that horrible rot lake must be a grade A sick bastard.
By Anonymous
That's Michael Zaki for you
By Anonymous
I was able to inflict scarlet rot on the one in siofra river
By Anonymous
these kinda remind of the undead dragons in DS1
By Anonymous
Another horrible and unfinished enemy. Weapon goes through its body regularly wothout hitting. If you want to stay in hit distance, then good luck watching what it's doing since the camerawork is as bad as in DS1 back in 2010. Also there are obviously missing audiocues in this fight since besides the same grunt noise, the dragonkin soldiers never give any sounds and sometimes even the ground slam has no ambience as well.
Instead of loading the game full of these half solutions, From should finally hire a face animator... I'm not a graphics fanboy but it's a bit awkward watching faces on a high-budget AAA game move like it's 2005
By Anonymous
First of all you must have a odd weapon bc the swords don’t phase, the graphics are awesome, and the camera work is fine so shut you goofy * mouth and deal with it
By Anonymous
the one at siofra river gives 48k runes
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