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By Anonymous
I got this one from the Pumpkinhead outside Fort Haight the first time I killed it. No idea it even existed. Been wondering if it's worth using. I seem to have uncommonly good luck with rare weapon drops.
By Anonymous
I'm so mad. I'm trying to get every single possible thing in Limgrave, and I didn't know about this flail before I killed the blood knight
By Anonymous
Finally after 4 hours of farming and 7 helmets i got my first of those.
Now for the second one!
By Anonymous
This really should have been a polearm.
By Anonymous
this was the drop on a completely new save file from the first ever pumpkin head i killed with that character. i just stood there and stared for a while
By Anonymous
a guy wielding a buckler? gg lol
By Anonymous
**** i thought that was a guaranteed drop from one of them guess got lucky ay?
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