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By Anonymous
First try, 5 flasks used, easy peasy boss
By Anonymous
Cool, what do you want, a cookie?
By Anonymous
Lie more
By Anonymous
Oh wow, I didn't believe it when I heard people say these games get "easier" once you've completed them once, but I just beat Margit first try on my second playthrough (new character, not NG+)! By no means a "clean" or "perfect" fight: At the end I had 0 flasks left, I had the jellyfish tank for me (for about 20 seconds, then it got obliterated), and towards the end, when Margit had about 10% health left, I was so sure I was gonna die I just ran back to the door for easier rune pickup lol. Then I somehow managed to perfectly dodge through one of his comboes - much to my surprise - and I was like 'can't let that go to waste', so I hung on and finally killed him.

First playthrough he took me well over an hour and 20-30 tries, this time less than three minutes. What the hell? Just because I'd recently fought Morgott I was no longer scared of Margit at all.
By Anonymous
Why did you not believe it? Everything gets easier when done more often…
By Anonymous
Lots of fun, mostly fair.

If you want to use melee, bait him at range until he either charges or throws daggers.
* Roll past the charge, wait a tick, then roll back past his followup. Now punish him 2+ times.
* Dodge each dagger, now try to bait his jump and roll past him to punish 3+ times.

Phase two the jump swaps from using a staff to a hammer, roll dodge the hammer, and punish 1 time.

If you want to stagger him 6ish hits should with a 2 hander should do it... but he cheats in a dozen ways.
* If he's close to staggering he can cancel attacks 1/2 way through to instant jump to safety.
* He won't stagger mid attack for some of his moves and requires a followup.
* If he's passing below 70% hp nothing will stager him until he's finished his first hammer jump attack.
* He will almost always get his poise back it takes so long. Kinda cheep, kinda lame.

Ah well.
By Anonymous
Mostly fun, mostly fair, quite difficult.

Try to bait dagger throws, following those he will often either:
* Charge (two slightly spaced rolls then you can punish him for 2 hits)
* Jump (roll towards/past him and you can punish him for 3+ hits)

Sometimes he cheats, jumps to safety if you attack and he's still half way through a failed attack. Especially common if he's almost staggered.
Sometimes he cheats and ignores what should have stagger him (if it puts him across the 70% hp threshold or is partway through some of his combos)
By Anonymous
Wow, Elden Ring bosses are kind of easy so far. Beastman of Farum Azula and Soldier of Godrick were basically just regular enemies. Hey, who's this depraved omen guy with a big sti-


By Anonymous
Giant floaty knight guy from DS2: ... *nods*
By Anonymous
Now that I think about it, it's pretty hard, actually.
By Anonymous
If you’re struggling with Margit, two heavy attacks from Square Off on the Longsword breaks his poise, and gives you a free critical hit, which you do again and again, even in Phase 2.

It’s a starting weapon for the Vagabond, or can be bought at the Roundtable for 1000 runes. Using the Longsword, the fight is very doable at +0 with no offensive stat investment.
By Anonymous
Does the one from Capital Outskirts have the same amount of HP as Stormveil Castle Margit?
By Anonymous
Nope. Would be a cakewalk otherwise.
By Anonymous
if only the camera was further away, wouldve been better
By Anonymous
The windups are so unrealistically long it looks funny especially the overhead stick bonk move.
By Anonymous
Where was that part in the lore that says he can fly?
By Anonymous
Where's the lore on how Radahn can turn into a meteor?
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