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By Anonymous
Use any blood weapon easy fight for me also use blood knives to keep the blood build going at a distance \¤/
By Anonymous
I beat it after 5 attempts
By Evarika
His damage is scaled properly for the area, but he very much feels like they just took him from a story-relevant area later in the game and put him at Stormveil to introduce you to how boss fights will feel eventually. This style of flexible combo chaining is really not present on any other bosses prior to any time you fight Gurranq, I'd say? It's a very weird feeling.
By Anonymous
"Foul Tarnished... do it again but without spirit summons,"
By Anonymous
Margit, the delayer of attacks
By Anonymous
Rotten breath to inflict scarlet rot. Kite him around. Done
By Anonymous
Only got 9k level 15 Prophet. I used the NPC help tho?
By Anonymous
This guy gotta be the biggest hater
By Anonymous
Ngl on my first playthrough it only took like 10 tries
By Anonymous
"Put these foolish ambitions to rest" Welp the game was fun but he said to quit so I quit.
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