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By Anonymous
This meteor makes crystal soul spear look like Farron Dart XD
By Anonymous
Where u find it?
By Anonymous
Right behind the demi human queen boss. Theres a Grace right there to sit at so you can run past her sit there and grab the spell. Getting all the way to hermit village is INSANELY annoying though you have to go through so much deadly sht
By Anonymous
Farron Dart was one of the most useful spells in DS3.
By Anonymous
Intelligence required appears to be 52
By Anonymous
That one is a spell called ���Comet.��� This spell is ���Comet Azure.���
By Anonymous
No, that���s ���Comet.��� This is ���Comet Azur.���
By Anonymous
Will fire continuously while the button is held until the caster is hit, or runs out of mana. You can cancel this spell early after the beam is fired, but NOT before finishing the charge animation.

Can be combined with a Crystal Tear that prevents FP consumption to fire continuously for nearly 10-15 seconds for insane damage, but you have to plan an opening that big on an enemy.
By Weeb397
What tear are you talking about?
By Anonymous
What's the name of that Crystal Tear?
By Anonymous
I can't find that crystal tear anywhere on the wiki or otherwise, do you know where it is?
By Anonymous
Where is that crystal tear?
By Anonymous
You mean Wonderous Potion not Crystal Tear....
By Anonymous
It is the Cerulean Hidden Tear, for anyone wondering.
By Anonymous
I tried this but it doesn���t do much damage against late game bosses. :/ rock fling is still better lol
By Anonymous
No it isn't that meteor skill battlemages like hitting you with. It's Soul Stream from DS3 but no tracking, twice the cost, and half the damage.

Yeah I have no idea why it's here either.
By Anonymous
Soul Stream didn't have tracking either though...?
By Anonymous
They butchered my boy Soul Stream :( instead of being a multihit beam it's now a channel. To do as many hits as before you'd need to channel it for four seconds. FOUR.

This also means it now costs like 80 FP to fully use. To make no mention of the damage it does being so low. I think the range is lower too and cast speed buffs don't make the channel faster. whyyyyyy.
By milkbucket
Might not really make up for it but check out the Sword of NIght and Flame found in Carian Manor, the L2+R1 weapon art hits I think 4 times and has a relatively low FP cost, which I pair with the talisman that lowers FP cost of skills. I have only 16 mind and I can fire the laser like 6 times, it's been my incredibly cheesy crutch my entire playthrough. Breaks poise or even knocks down tons of enemies and even bosses.
By Anonymous
This spell is loads better than Soul Stream, you can setup a Terra Magicus for 30% bonus damage, have your Wondrous Physick using Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear for more damage, and use or other crystal tear slot for Cerulean Hidden Tear for 10 seconds of no fp use. This spell is bonkers if you have the right setup. While in pvp this isn't the most viable, Soul Stream wasn't good in pvp either, so this easily wins in my book.
By Anonymous
There is a crystal tear that negates FP costs for around 10 seconds, making this spell very overpowered.
By Anonymous
Because Fromsoft hates magic users.
By Anonymous
Is this full moon kind of sorcery?
By Anonymous
No, Stonedigger.
By Anonymous
Is it a moon?
By Anonymous
It's primeval so it benefits from the Azur crown buff. I think it's the only spell that does.
By Anonymous
I think so. Someone on reddit says it pulls out more damage with the queen staff even when having lower spellbuff
By Anonymous
What have you done to poor soulstream
By Anonymous
I just watched someone use this attack to take out a gargoyle boss at the location I farm at… I’m level 96 with good set of armor and that thing almost one-shots me.
By Anonymous
I just spent hours trying to get this and it barely does more damage than rock fling what���s the point? I have 99 INT, the Physick flask that boosts sorcery, the talismans that boost sorcery, and still it barely damages one third of one phase of most late game bosses
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Yes, He also used the ground based AoE move, To increase your spell damage by 35%. I know it from world of warcraft as a mage, Don't know the name here. Anyway, My teink 50 mage with this and meteor staff can kill that same boss.... I stand further back though. It is wild, And anyone telling people it's bad are stupid. I kill the first 2 legacy bosses for people in seconds
By Anonymous
This spell is actually OD
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