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By Anonymous
The is an only-Arcane scaling drops from Albinauric wielding it in Academy Gate Town (and presumably wherever else you find them). It is called Ripple Halberd IIRC and there is also an Ripple Axe (an item also seen as a weapon in a leak) another Albinauric wields, but I haven't gotten it dropped yet.
By Anonymous
Did the axe drop for you yet? I���ve been farming all day.
By Anonymous
Did the axe drop for you yet? I���ve been farming all day.
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Follow up on the Arcane Halberd:

Ripple Crescent Halberd

Spinning Slash
FP Cost 6(- 12)
Weight 8.5

Attack Power
Physical 84 + x
Elementals 0
Critical 100

Attribute Scaling
Arc B
No other scaling

Attributes Required
Str 12
Dex 12
Arc 20
Int 0
Fai 0

"Weapon Wielded by young Albinaurics.
The Blade is said to resemble a partial image of a ripple, and its attack power scales with one's arcane attribute."

Drops from Albinaurics wielding the weapon (at least found in Academy Gate Town.
By Anonymous
can u post a screenshot of it please?
By Anonymous
Vulgar militia saw is 123 physical
Scales D strength D Dex requires 15 strength 13 Dex guarded damage negates in order: 50 35 35 35 35 guard boost 35
/Spinning slash/ weight 8.0 causes bloodloss (55) 100 critical
By Garnvald
Golem's Halberd is in wrong section. Plesse move it in a colossal weapon section!
By Anonymous
The item "Glaive" is not here, it drops from a reaper looking undead near the church of vows grace.
By Anonymous
Golem halberd drops from golems . Found 3 already
By Anonymous
That's a Colossal Weapon, not a Halberd.
By Anonymous
Gurdian Swordspear base damage 139, requires 17 Str and 16 Dex, scaling is C for Dex and E for Str. Drops from guardian dudes at the capital (the ones with flowers on their robes). Is upgrades with Smithing Stones
By Anonymous
Loretta's War Sickle

Loretta's Slash
FP cost 11
Weight 10.0

Attack Power
Physical 110+x
Magic 78+x

Attribute Scaling
Str D
Dex D
Int D

Atrributes Required
Str 20
Dex 15
Int 20
Fai 0
Arc 0

"Intricately crafted silver war sickle wielded by Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree.

Originally given for service as a personal guard to Carian royalty, the weapon's blue glintstone has been replaced with unalloyed gold."

Drops from Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree in Miquella's Haligtree
By Anonymous
Glaive (or at least what it's called in JP version, グレイブ) halberd is not currently listed. This is the one certain skeleton enemies are using and drops from them. Pretty rare it seems (took me about a hundred kills) and I haven't seen many of these enemies around, just two in Sellia on the way up the mountain where the Church of the Plague (the one with Millicent) is. One is right next to grace you start at when heading up to the church, only accompanied by a single bowman and easily farmable, can even be backstabbed as it gets out of the ground.

At +0, the stats are 132 physical atk (standard/pierce), 100 critical, D Str D Dex scaling, 18 Str 15 Dex to wield, 10.0 weight. 55/38/38/38/38 guard cuts, 38 guard boost. Spinning Slash WA.
No extra effects (expected bleed like the scythe, too bad).
By Anonymous
Glaive is not mentioned here yet, dropped by cloaked skeletons that wield it


Spinning Slash
FP Cost 6( - 12)
Weight 10.0

Physical 132
Critical 100


Attributes Required:
STR 18
DEX 15

Physical 55
Magic 38
Fire 38
Lightning 38
Holy 38
Guard Boost 38
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