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By Anonymous
They replaced the insta running R1 attack katanas had with a slower version just to pass that cancer here.
By Anonymous
For love of god lower their phantom range. Getting hit by 3 meter every time no matter how far I dodge.
By Anonymous
I want a halberd that’s kind of like a axe halberd hybrid like the hunters axe from Bloodbornes l1 form
By Anonymous
"I'll have a halberd with flaming strike" how original
"oh and an offhand estoc" daring today aren't we
By Anonymous
These weapons have the potential to be so fun, but some halberd players just exclusively running r1 whiff punish and i wonder how they don't fall asleep.
By Anonymous
for those wondering, normal halberd has *slightly* better strength scaling than Banished, and vice versa with dexterity, making base halberd better for strength based builds, while banished is better for quality/dex.
P.S. also keep in mind weapon length.
By Anonymous
One of the more fun weapon classes to dual wield with
By Anonymous
I think some Halberd work much better with Reaper's default R1 moveset than the either the default R1s or poking ones. Mainly those shaped like a poleaxe: Dragon Halberd and Lucerne. Reaper's diagonal chopping moveset also fits both of Vulgar Militia weapons very well: one is a shotel on a stick, the other is a saw on a stick, so itakes sense and looks cool.
By Anonymous
reject thrusting meta, return to bonk
By Anonymous
Plan A: running r1
Plan B: running r1
Plan C: running R2 into flaming strike
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