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By Anonymous
Where lucerne?
By Anonymous
saw it in a video but i cannot for the life of me find it, i need lucerne!!!
By Anonymous
Just found Lucerne at Liurnia Highway North where the blue ghosts are fighting next to a cart
By Anonymous
Shame the hammer isn't used for the jump attack. Just the sweep.
By Anonymous
Yep, along the ���highway��� just north of the site of grace.
By Anonymous
In Switzerland lol
By Anonymous
One is missing. Vile Cleaver, dropped from those carrying it near Beast spell giver.
By Anonymous
Vulgar Militia Saw missing
By Anonymous
I'd like to know who's responsible for listing "best weapons" in the various categories...
By Anonymous
Commanders standart is also missing from the boss in the swamp
By Anonymous
Golem's Halberd Missing
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By Bambalony
Missing Vulgar Militia Saw and Vulgar Militia Shotel
By Anonymous
I found a weapon not currently listed, the Vulgar Militia Shotel. I farmed it from Vulgar Militants in Gaol Cave. I'll list all its base stats, if I knew how to make a page for it I would. Sorry for text wall.

Vulgar Militia Shotel

Spinning Slash
FP Cost 6( - 12)
Weight 8.0

Attack Power:
121 Physical
(All elemental attacks are 0)
100 critical

Guarded Damage Negation:
Phsyical 50
(All Elemental is 35)
Guard Boost 35

Attribute Scaling:
Str - E
Dex - C
(Everything else is NA)

Attributes Required:
Str - 14
Dex - 16

Item Description:
A hooked blade attached to a long handle. Wielded by the vulgar militia, its attacks can slip through an enemy's guard.

The vulgar militia are the undecorated stewards of rancid, scorched battlefields that none dare approach, and forbidden domains better forgotten by the rest of the world.
By Anonymous
Lucerne is at Liurnen north highway next to a regular wagon (not giant one)
By Prtssguy
if i had known it was that easy to get with no bosses killed i would have done a different build
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