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By Anonymous
Ah, the blue hilt. Yes.
By Anonymous
I'm gonna call it right now, this is the best weapon in the game.
By Anonymous
Broadsword is the true eternal best straightsword.

Longsimps and Unchigatanaboos BTFO.
By Anonymous
Square Off is OP as heck!
By Anonymous
A fine weapon. May be good enough to go through all the game without problems.
By Hush Hush4678
Started as a confessor, and I have about 15 hours on him. This weapon is pretty damn reliable.
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By Mani
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What's the advantage of this over the long sword?
By Anonymous
higher damage but less range
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Its bugged. +25 Hvy broadsword gets lower damage than +24 Hvy broadsword... any others(normal, sharp, etc) are OK
By Anonymous
good ol' reliable, my comfort pick
By Anonymous
how this weapon scaling with str/dex ? anyone upgrade it to max ?
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