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By Anonymous
the sorc scaling is different on the detail page and the list
By Anonymous
Thats because it changes with your Int, so its a useless stat to show unless they show it with the same Int value for every weapon
By Anonymous
At rank 5 this staff has S rank scaling with INT
By Anonymous
how do i upgarde it
By Anonymous
This weapon now has super low Sorcery scaling (starts at 60) and reduces cast time at the cost of FP consumption. I doubt this is one of the best staff's now. Also requires Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade.
By Anonymous
It only starts at 60 if you dont have the required INT!
By Anonymous
It only shows 60 when you don't have enough int to wield it. It very easily outscales meteorite staff at +5.
By Master of Octopi
Dude, you need to meet the requirements to see the real scaling. That's true of every weapon in the game.
By Anonymous
Noob git gud, then flame afterwards, you didnt earn the right right now.
By Anonymous
At rank 5 with 52 INT it already outscales the Meteor Staff
By Anonymous
Comment below saying it outscales meteorite at +5 with 52 int is incorrect. It equals the scaling of the meteorite staff at +7, and therefore will exceed it at +8. Tested at 60 int.
By Anonymous
I think the carian regal scepter is better. The cast speed difference isn’t noticeable with this staff and it has the FP penalty. Carian also has better spell damage (tested at 60 INT). So basically with this staff you are spending more fp, doing less damage for maybe a few less milliseconds of cast time
By Anonymous
Being that the Carian staff gives better damage for Carian sorceries, were you testing with a Carian sorcery? Still not sure what staff to start upgrading. The Meteor staff I have is good and all, but I know I have a ton of mats to upgrade a staff with and was hoping to pick the right one.
By Anonymous
ok yeah but does the carian regal scepter go to S in INT scaling ?
and from what I see the carian regal scepter can only be upgrade to +10 when Asur's Glintstone can be upgrade to +25 so... would the Asur's Glintstone would not be better fully upgraded than carian regal scepter ?
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By Azareis
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@ most recent Anon
As with previous FromSoftware games, special weapons that require a rarer material variant have fewer upgrade stages, but each individual stage is a larger improvement than what "standard" weapon types get.
By Anonymous
carian is a named weapon, and if you compare, each enchanting level for named weapon is roughly equals to about 2.6 - 3 level of normal weapon, so even if its capped at +10, its in fact comparable with a normal staff at +26 or higher.
By Anonymous
The +10 of somber smithing stone weapons is superior or equal to the +25 of normal smithing stones. For general use the carian regal scepter is the best staff, followed by the lusats glintstone staff that increases damage at the cost of FP fyi rather than straight increasing damage it seems to ignore the intelligence softcap and increases damage as if it were unsoftcapped. Even at 99 int I would say the carian regal scepter is still the best in most situations but the lusats glintstone staff would be worth using more and more as your int approaches 99.
By Anonymous
Btw just to back it up, my carian regal scepter +6 outscales my academy glintstone staff +15 which is what I would say the second best general use staff is.
By Anonymous
That's not how the upgrade system works, +10 on a somber weapon is equal to +25 on a normal upgrade path weapon.
By Anonymous
rennala's staff +10 has 352 sorc scaling (S) when I have 75 int. Too lazy upgrading other staffs so i just stick with this. Moreover, the buff for rennala's full moon spell is good (the spell is good too since it reduce MR eventho idk for how many)
By Anonymous
The cast speed difference isn't noticeable?? This + radagons icon makes glintstone spear cast in less than a second.
By Anonymous
just use radagon icon if you want speed, the FP penalty is huge
By Anonymous
Not a great one. The sorc scaling is lower than other Staves and it requires somber stones as a unique wep. This is going to make it cap out at +10 instead of +20. I'm betting Academy glintsone is way better, especially with the 168 sorc scaling and ability to +20 with Ashes
By Anonymous
You know that the weapons with somber stones are doubled right? A +1 somber is a +2 regualr
By Master of Octopi
This might be the dumbest opinion I've ever encountered. That's like thinking Twinkling titanite weapons are intrinsically worse than regular titanite weapons in the Dark Souls trilogy. "BUT THEY ONLY GO TO +5!!!!" Seriously?
By Anonymous
A couple things:

+1 for a Somber weapon is not equivalent to +1 for a normal weapon, so comparing the two like they're equivalent won't make sense.

Also, max weapon level for normal weapons is +25, not +20.
By Anonymous
To clarify that suggestion that is made here: +10 on special weapons equals +20 on normal ones. Dont you dare tell people that one weapon is better because it gets to +20 while the others max is 10.
By Anonymous
+1 somber is equivalent to +2 normal. this is the best staff in the game with a normal FP cost, the other 2 legendary staffs have higher scaling but raise FP costs.
This also scales off dex which Academy doesn't.
By Anonymous
With 80 int, I have a scaling of +25 Academy at 345 and +9 Azur at 344 and will scale to 362 at +10. It's not a dud weapon.
By Anonymous
Mine goes to 11.
By Anonymous
Doing some quick tests, the FP cost increase is like 22% rounded up
By Anonymous
That's a lot, no? I was thinking that this is mainly gonna be the go to for PVP, while the othet 52 INT one for game ����
By Anonymous
With the Amulet which reduces FP Cost by 20% this is kinda neutral. =D But still having better casting time.
By Obeon
It needs to be tested if it's better to use the icon though. if it's the same cast time, I'd say use icon and a stronger staff
By Anonymous
Casting sorceries faster is always meta
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