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By Anonymous
Why does this not do pierce damage?
By Anonymous
Because there are no pointy bits? The two "beaks" at either end of the striking surface have points with like 80 degree angles. That's way too obtuse to be effective for piercing.
By Anonymous
Claws in nature are meant to provide extra grip by digging in to things, are you dumb?
By Anonymous
I'm not op but yes I am dumb
By Anonymous
Read the description. It's whittled from a claw. It's clearly a club.
By Anonymous
Dude…this thing is underpowered??? I’ve been running train on literally everything in this game with the dragon great claw.
By Anonymous
Because it could and should be better. Atleast a B scaling in strength and c scaling in dex. Compared to the Golden Halberd of the regular sentinels and other colossal weapons it is very lacking. If it had a better AoW like red lightning bolt or either just ensrhouding the weapon in red lightning like the incantation would do it better justice
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By Weevil
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Dragon Tooth after 11 years of opioids
By Anonymous
used for my havel the rock cosplay
By Anonymous
Give the shield Thunderbolt (but red) and give the weapon lightning slash (but red)
By Anonymous
They should allow this one to be able to use ash of wars and then when DLC comes out put a scarab or something where you can get a Draconic Tree Sentinel ash of wars. Same thing for the shield by giving us a Thunderbolt ash of war only usable on geatshields.

Because as of right I'd rather use a Brick Hammer with lightning on than this garbage.
By Anonymous
really sad that this doesn't get a cool lightning themed AoW.
By Anonymous
should've had a red ancient dragon version of the thunderbolt ash of war
By Anonymous
Even if underpowered, this weapon still has good use as ancient dragon killer for a strength build.

14 dexterity isn’t a huge asking price.

Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike incantation is absolutely bonkers at killing ancient dragons, but costs 26 Faith. Clawmark Seal makes the damage scale with strength.

Otherwise, there is no other easy way for a strength build to deal a ton of red lightning damage.
By Anonymous
Everyone’s talking about the ash but the base damage/scaling is the real issue. It should have been a lightning golden halberd with strike instead of thrust... but it doesn’t even do strike damage, it does physical despite clearly being a bludgeon. I compare it to golden halberd because it’s the same stats, comes from a tree sentinel and golden halberd has extremely high base damage... so this should have been even better base damage with the trade off of slower move set.
By Anonymous
A quick fix for this weapon could be add a unique interaction with Vyke's dragonbolt, buffing the weapon and adding AoE attacks to the Endure AoW.
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