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By Anonymous
Ugly ahh weapon and it sucks. Why should I use it? I shouldn't.
By Anonymous
Okay, don't.
By Anonymous
I really struggle to see where this wespon even fits. Underwhelming performance in general for a colossal weapon and it's niche of being effective against dragons turns out to be worse than simply using dragonwound grease or vike's dragonbolt on a regular weapon. Heck, even the axe of godrick has better results.

If they plan to buff it in the future, let it be the red lightning base damage and make it 20% more effective against dragons, because right now even the troll hammer outshines it by a wide margin.
By Anonymous
Why does it have such **** AoW? Draconic Tree Sentianl summens fkn red lightning with it, why are we stuck with generic fkn endure? Whats the point of somber weapons if they are not unique?
By Anonymous
It could've been the Dragon Tooth of Elden Ring, yet it's pretty much a glorified giant wet noodle
By Anonymous
I hear it was designed after dirty, dried-out macaroni noodles you sweep out from under the stove
By Anonymous
On my quality build (50/50) this thing has the highest possible AR so far at 956 with a lightning clutch ring. Between that, being the lightest colossal and having an excellent damage type I'm not sure why this gets so much hate
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Now has c scaling in dex
By Anonymous
Not sure if that's actually an improvement...
By Anonymous
Two things that would make this weapon better:
1.) A unique AoW that would basically be a Red Lightning variant of Regal Beastclaw

2.) Strength scaling bumped up to at least B
By Anonymous
This thing needs a real buff,after several patches this thing is still under powered, every time I’ve beaten the draconic tree sentinel I just put the weapon in storage.
By Anonymous
Really wish this had a unique version of endure. It'd be dope as hell if the endure also gave a red lightning buff.

Dragonscale blade/dragon halberd get frost lightning versions of standard aow. A red lightning version of endure would fit thematically and make up for not having a truly unique aow.
By Anonymous
From software logic: tooth > claw
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