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By Anonymous
Different uses than blasphemous blade and comparing this weapon to that sword is like comparing moonveil a regular magic katana with unsheathe. This thing is actually not bad. Takers flame just happens to be 1 of the few busted AoWs that haven't been toned down yet
By Anonymous
Northern regalia
By Anonymous
AoW beam has been fixed; before the beam was mostly influenced by the height of your camera, which would increase or reduce its range tremendously, making the optimal way to use the weapons Ash to lock off and fire high. Now it has its full range regardless
By Anonymous
Got this sword today in a second playthrough and im loving it, seeing alot of negative comments in here about it but its pretty good great AR medium distance AOW that you can tear off at a distance. Maybe it was buffed but the ash goes longer distance then moonveil for sure contrary to what some others were saying...aim upwards with it or target lock without doing that it tends to slam right into the ground by your feet.

Only downside is the holy damage elden beast wont be much fun
By Anonymous
Just get blasphemous blade, even though this sword looks cooler the weapon art is such a downgrade that its not even funny
By Anonymous
It doesn't even look cooler imo, it's just plain inferior unless you're faced with something that has high fire resistances.
By Anonymous
Sadly probably the only worthwhile "Black Blade" weapon, mainly because they actually bothered to give it a cool weapon art, unlike the other ones which just got completely shafted being stuck permanently with standard weapon arts with nothing unique about them.
By Anonymous
The Twinblade should've gotten a modified Black Flame Tornado but with Destined Death, and the Halberd an enhanced spinning strikes. Idk what they could give the black axe. War Cry with Destined Death-empowered attacks?
By Anonymous
AoW reminds me of the bloodskal blade in Skyrim with the red wave
By Anonymous
I love my fondue dipped sword
By Anonymous
this weapon is cool, its s shame the other black gargoyle weapons are so lazy, with completely ordinary ashes of war
By Anonymous
Weapon’s AoW DoT is black and white flames rather than black and red, despite the black and red flames of destined death being in the animation
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