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By Anonymous
Corpse Wax Cutters black flame burn effect deals 2.5% of the enemies max health. Don't believe me?

Make a new character, get Black Flame, cheese the Gargoyle to get the Gargoyle Blacl Blade.

Go find Greyroll and test Black Flame to Corse Wax Cutter.

I used a Clawmark Seal+4 and a Gargoyle Black Blade+2 for this test, had minimum stats to use both.

Black Flame - about 2200 damage
Corpse Wax Cutter - about 2070 damage.

By Anonymous
Does Black Flame take into account the initial damage of the fireball? This is slightly more FP efficient (16 vs 18), but Black Flame does extra fire damage on impact, and can travel over objects.
By Anonymous
To April 10th, Black Flame is damge + the % dot effect.
By Anonymous
pretty easy to get early if you're patient with black flame spells. use the sanctum as cover and slowly whittle away at him with black flame
By Anonymous
This thing destroys dragons cuz the blade beam can travel at an upwards angle allowing you to headshot dragons ridiculously easily. I prefer it over blasphemous blade purely because it looks cooler. Is great dual wielding with blas blade.
By Anonymous
Love how they buffed the ash of war. Hate how they left it with the black flame effect instead of the dark red one it uses on every other attack.
By Anonymous
The only black gargoyle weapon worth using
By Anonymous
It's like the balsphemous blade and black knife had a baby
By Anonymous
On my lvl 1 wretch (usable via radagons sorseal, two fingers talisman and faith cracked tear then 2 handed) has over 800 ar with golden vow and sacred scorpion charm which is allot of AR for a lvl 1 character, plus the weapon art has the useful black flame dot and comes on faster than the black knife which helps overall survivability allot to get back to dodging quivker, great for taking down late game bosses at lvl 1 if you are into that sort of thing
By Anonymous
How do you kill the Black Kindred at level 1 though? Do you upgrade another weapon first?
By Anonymous
to comment above he's pretty easy to cheese with something that breaks posture quickly like rock sling + big damage ripostes from the misericorde at lvl 1
By Anonymous
March 06th, use 20 black Flames and cheese him by hiding behind pillars.
By Anonymous
I personally don't enjoy the weapon. It has the standard boring greatsword move-set, split holy damage is the worst (duo to most bosses having higher holy resistances) and the weapon art is the weakest of all the black-knife/red-black fire ones.
Besides that: The weapon isn't necessarily bad. But duo to the high amount of choices when it comes to split faith scaling weapons - I wouldn't necessarily advice to pick this one. There is better stuff out there.
If you still feel interested in testing that weapon, I would agree with the other commentator a bit below me: The black flame fireball strategy worked out great. Killed him at level 50'ish with like 5 mana flasks just doing the fireballs.
By Anonymous
A bit harsh but its an alr sword, to put it simply its basically a slightly weaker version of the blasphemous blade but instead of fire it does holy.
One of the best things about it is how early you can get it, so if your a beginner and can kill the black blade kindred I wouldn't say its a bad choice.
By Anonymous
the original tip of this weapon is part of the gargoyle's greatsword. it looks like a much nicer bronze, and the weapon itself doesn't have faith scaling. the skills are pretty similar too, vacuum slice is like a not-holy version of the corpse wax cutter; or maybe corpse wax cutter is just a death version of vacuum slice. i guess being in league with maliketh, and the proximity to the rune of destined death makes some adjustments.

interesting that both weapons were mended with corpse wax, but only this one suffered from it. makes me think that despite the name of the skill, corpse wax isn't the source of that death damage, and maybe its the devotion to maliketh, or the rune of death, that blackens a blade.
By Anonymous
Both this and the regular Gargoyle's Greatsword have broken tips. They are not one blade split into two, they're just palette swaps.
By Anonymous
Both this and the regular Gargoyle's Greatsword have broken tips. They are not one blade split into two, they're just palette swaps.
By Anonymous
You can get this fairly early if you have the patience to throw about 25-30 black flame fireballs over the course of 30 minutes. Simply throw one (or two) at the gargoyle's back, immediately run into the sanctum and crouch behind the second pillar to the right (looking at Gurranq from the doors). Afterwards, wait for him to reset his position (he will always walk to the door twice) and then repeat.
On an unrelated note, the AoW can easily hit the head of a dragon and does quite a bit of posture damage, enough to break its posture if you start spamming it while it's doing the the roar they always do when the first see you.
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