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By Anonymous
they buffed this weapon today so me and my bunga build are about to clonk some heads.
By Anonymous
It scales off faith now since 1.9
By Anonymous
New patch today added faith scaling let's gooo
By Anonymous
investing faith for golden land's a little more viable now :) still better to use with infused sacred weapons obviously but at least benefits are easier to get alongside its funny R2 now
By Anonymous
1.13 patch made this so much better. It was already uninfusable so the Faith scaling and holy damage is just a bonus and makes it feel much more cohesive of a weapon. And despite the added holy damage, you can still buff. Loving this patch. Overleveled 80 str/fth hits 991 AR two handed no buffs.
By Anonymous
FINALLY, FAITH SCALING AND HOLY DAMAGE. (Too bad alot of end game bosses are resistant to it. But this things stupid poise damage makes up for it.)
By Anonymous
And now even more powerful with +112 Holy damages. Perfect weapon against those death rite birds.
By Anonymous
As of Patch 1.09 This weapon now has sacred damage added, and Faith scaling.
By Anonymous
Patch 1.09: 112 holy damage and a D scaling in faith at weapon +25.
By Anonymous
faith scaling yippee
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