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By Anonymous
Will the flame damage stack with magma wyrm scalesword?
By Anonymous
I don’t think you can use weapons buffs on that one
By Anonymous
You can’t buff that weapon with this and similar spells
By Anonymous
Sorry if this is explained above but I found the wording confusing.

Does the fire damage scale with arcane if using the dragon comm. Seal?

It says the "bloodflame blade debuff" doesnt but does that also mean the fire?
By Anonymous
I checked on the dcs page and apparently the arc portion of scaling won't affect damage buffs or healing incants so unfortunately not.
By Anonymous
Useless without innate bleed.
By Anonymous
Not really. It's just not very good. It only gives 40 build up, but over 2 seconds. So it's a very tiny amount compared to innate bleed weapons, or the blood affinity.
By Anonymous
They hated Jesus because he spoke the truth.
By Anonymous
Wonderful bleed till mid-late and you can swap to occult to net more than the 40 effective bleed. You loose the bloodflame AR, but should keep up well enough on the damage front. In exchange, you get great incant scaling

It's also just great for an early faith build
By Anonymous
No reason to go occult on anything if focused on bleed since it boost damage. Stick with blood affinity to maximize bleed buildup on hit.
By Anonymous
To be fair faith in it's entirety fizzles out mid game. Limgrave and liurnia you can have some fun with fire incantations, after that it's borderline useless. Fire pales in comparison to basically all other forms of damage past liurnia, with the only one being more important is holy, faith's other scaling option. Unless you want to use a form of damage against enemies who have resistances as high as 80%, swapping away from faith after clearing liurnia is the smartest choice
By Anonymous
Great against hands 5/5
By Anonymous
This plus Bloodhound's Fang is amazing.
By Anonymous
Subtract the "This plus" and you'd still be correct. With both, I don't think "amazing" is a strong enough word.
By Anonymous
If you just want fire damage, this spell isn't that great. The scaling is about half of what you would get from electify armament or scholar's armament, and early game the 85 damage from fire grease will outstrip it. Late game ... maybe? But by then you'd be better off using an actual fire spell.

But in terms of bleed build up, this is incredible. 40 bleed might not sound like much, but blood grease and Seppuku only give you 30. Most bleed weapons have about 50 bleed, but this stacks on top of that. I haven't tested this, but I've heard that a normal weapon with innate bleed is often a better bleed weapon than a special weapon like Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear or something that can't be buffed.
By Anonymous
It's theoretically amazing but the sad reality is that you already have the same bleed with a blood infused uchigatana, at 25 arcane you get about 85 base bleed on it at +25, which is around what you'd get from this. So the only advantage over it is the extra fire.
By Anonymous
does the bleed buildup portion of the spell scale with arcane, if im using the dragon communion seal?
By Anonymous
The bloodflame debuff can stack by striking an enemy repeatedly or applying the same debuff from other sources. Does not scale with Arcane even when wearing the Dragon Communion Seal.
By Anonymous
makes the red wolf a joke
By Anonymous
can be applied to a weapon with goat roll ash to make the rolling inflict a small amount of bleed
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