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By Anonymous
Too bad it can't be used on a weapon with innate infusion, would use it on Eleo's Twins otherwise.
By Anonymous
Really good with claws, solo'd radahn with +8 raptor talons. Its more appealing than blood infusion for claws, since bleed is not that great for them. Also, the bleed buildup instead of straight up bleed is really good in practice as even with my relentless playstyle, there were always some downtime to regain stamina, and this mf makes sure i don't lose any buildup in that time. 9/10 only weakness is bleed immune enemies
By Anonymous
This on an Occult Uchigatana + Fire's Deadly Sin + the BHS or Blood Tax AoW + Lord of Blood's Exultation turns this game into literal easy mode for a high Arcane build. Especially now that RoB got its (much needed) nerf.

Let the blood, tears and salt flow.
By Anonymous
If only you can buff occult weapons...
By Anonymous
You can’t buff occult weapons.
By Anonymous
Is this still worth using at base requirements? Or is stat investment required for it to be worth it alongside Strengthen Me, O Flame and Golden Vow?
By Anonymous
This one doesn't benefit from stat scaling. Or, the bleeding doesn't anyway. The extra fire damage might, but it's so small that flat damage reduction usually makes it irrelevant.
By Anonymous
if putting bleed on the ash of war is faster and stronger, why does anyone use buffs? not like they appreciate showmanship in pvp....
By Anonymous
Don't let the people who don't appreciate presentation stop you from doing it. If you enjoy putting on a show, do it.
By Anonymous
Some Ashes of War won't allow bleed infusion, so this could act as a sort of alternative route to add bleed to those attacks even with low ARC investment. Eruption on a Heavy Great Stars Hammer or Lightning Slash on a Keen Flamberge are just some examples.
By Anonymous
In addition to what others have said, buffs and even greases allow you to exploit enemy weaknesses on-the-fly in PvE without shifting your entire build/weapon infusion around, while maintaining respectable base physical damage while unbuffed. Plus most of the buffs look cool as ****, all glowy and colorful.
By Anonymous
Because it looks cool.
By Anonymous
Claws don’t benefit much from bleed infusions so this incantation is great with them
By Anonymous
Does arcane affect the bleed build up value or it has absolutely no effect whether you use this spell with 20 or 60 arcane?
By Anonymous
No, arcane does not increase any of the bleed build up.
By Anonymous
Excuse my lack of intelligence

Let's say I have a Buffable Weapon, specifically, the Great Stars (which I can now have two of, thx 1.06)
If I give it Bleed Infusion, I believe it makes it unbuffable, as would giving a Poison Infusion. But if I gave it an Occult infusion, does that make it unbuffable?
By Anonymous
Yep, unfortunately (or fortunately, now that I think about pvp) Occult is unbuffable. It is strange that the dragon communion seal does not increase the bleed on this, but does for the other bloodflame spells. I wonder if applying it to the albinauric weapons would increase it?
By Anonymous
occult can still be buffed since it’s a physical infusion like heavy or keen
By Anonymous
yeah. Only standard, quality, keen and heavy is buffable
By Anonymous
Correct, only standard, heavy, keen and quality are buffable, take a look at
By Anonymous
Ye, occult is unbuffable
By Anonymous
Best incantation, sharing it's place Ekzykes's Decay, Erdtree Heal and Swarm of Flies.
By Anonymous
Not even close, thing is completely useless once you get seppuku as occult infuse can't utilize it.
By Anonymous
You can’t use seppuku on all weapons plus this had a short bleed buildup after the attack
By Anonymous
This absolutely shreds in pvp with golden land and incantations with good tracking spam like elden stars, pest threads, swarm and dragon breathes.

Have a good defense build and you will out trade even bleed burst
By Anonymous
For a neat combo trick, apply this to a weapon then cast Fire's Deadly Sin. So long as your equipped weapon has bloodflame active on it, the AOE fire bubble surrounding you will also apply bleed to enemies. For some good fun, get all the enemies at Gatefront to attack you while this is active while you hold up a great shield.
I have tested this on weapons with and without innate bleed, and have observed no difference in the fire aura's bleed buildup.
By Anonymous
You realize this is an exploit, right? It’s very frowned upon in PVP. It’s maybe okay in PVE, but never use it in PVP.
By Anonymous
IGN build moment
By Anonymous
Stop promoting exploits you absolute numbskull.
By Anonymous
Doesn't matter, y'all, it's been patched.
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