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By Anonymous
edgy as ****
By Anonymous
this is not like cursed weapon right?
By Rexignem
A lifesteal effect could be cool
By Anonymous
Use this spell on Flail, If u're tend to build faith/dex at Early game.
It's so fcking OP!
By Anonymous
No need at all for faith, or dex for that matter, just a buffable weapon with innate bleed and you can do whatever with your stats otherwise.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if the damage scales from arcane?
By Anonymous
I've tested and found that the damage does not scale at all with any bleed and arcane, however the blood buildup on weapons that have arcane scaling, eg ones with the blood affinity, gets more bloodbuildup the more arcane you have. Question remains if the same rings true for this buff, does more arcane give it more bloodbuildup as well?
By Anonymous
Going to assume the damge scales with whatever your incantation scaling is. So whatever your seal scales with.
By Anonymous
I've tested, the blood buildup does not scale with arcane, incantation scaling or anything else. In other words if you have an arcane build youre better off using either a weapon with innate arcane scaling AND blood buildup, since that will scale, or putting the blood affix on a weapon. Though honestly from my testing, at least at reasonable levels, youre better off using a buffable weapon with some innate bleed to stack that together with the buff, and you'll have more than enough buildup, without having to invest any stats for it.
By Anonymous
There is a sacred seal. One of the dragon ones that scales with Arcane. So techically yes it does.
The enchant buffs scale with the sacred seal you are using right?
By Anonymous
Was north west bug for me from the rose church.goijg toesrfs a pointy looking roof in the background
By Anonymous
how do you cast it? cant do it with my finger seal
By Anonymous
equip finger seal where a shield goes. then you can cast it on the weapon in your main hand. you can also swap it back to two hand mode for stuff like claws and both will be enchanted.
By Anonymous
You need to meet the stat requirements to cast it. minimum of 12 FTH + 10 ARC. Take note that buffs from various sources that buff your stats allow you to cast this, but they temporarily disappear when you're a cooperator/invader.
By Anonymous
Using this basically 24/7. Almost all bosses I encountered so far can bleed. Very strong in combination with hookclaws.
By Anonymous
can you apply this on hookclaws, does it stack? or does it only work on curved swords/weapons like said in other comments?
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