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By Anonymous
Why the hell is the torchpole here but only when you check max stats?
By Anonymous
Because this website is a mess overall
By Anonymous
Torchstate forever.
By Anonymous
my favourite weapons
By Anonymous
A torche is not a tool bro what ??
By Anonymous
I think it would be cool to see a torch that's based off the flame of the fell god, considering how it turns the whole damn Erdtree into a fireworks festival. I mean I know it's they're not supposed to be used as weapons but it would be fun to see an outlier.
By Anonymous
Worth noting that the Torch, Beast-Repellent Torch, and Steel Wire Torch all have flat fire damage that doesn't scale with any stat, while the Sentry's Torch (Holy, Faith), Ghostflame Torch (Magic, Int), and St. Trina's Torch (Fire, Faith) all have elemental damage that actually scales with a stat (at "top end of C scaling" scaling.) Given that Trina's (with its Faith scaling fire damage) also puts targets to sleep, and Ghostflame (with its Int scaling magic damage) also inflicts Cold, they're probably actually good sidearms on a melee Int or Faith build.
By Anonymous
All torched have at least a D scaling with something
By Anonymous
May 5th Anon, just because they have D scaling in physical stats doesn't mean their fire damage scales with them. On top of that, those D scaling are incredibly bad compared to the C scaling elemental damage of the st trina/ghostflame/sentry torches, hence they are better for tarnished with good faith/int builds, especially st Trina and ghostflame because they inflict sleep and frostbite.
By Anonymous
I tried a torch only run as a challenge. Quickly realized torches are actually good and it was hardly a challenge.
By Anonymous
That really shines a light on things
By Anonymous
Glad you warmed up to them
By Anonymous
Fromsoft: "People seem to really like having a light source in our games, let's make unique ones.

Fextra anons: "Cant believe fromsoft didn't strap a bazooka to a torch. Total missed opportunity."
By Anonymous
Kind of true tho.
Why not?
By Anonymous
Someday... someday these will be classified as Catalysts instead shields so noone will do the torch attack instead of their actual weapons skill.
By Anonymous
Buy the no skill ash of war from Bernahl and put it on your torch, problem solved.
By Anonymous
missed opportunity to give these a straight AR buff for damage types, like the sentry's torch boosting holy damage by 10%, etc.
By Anonymous
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