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By Anonymous
Is this the first Fromsoft game with several types of Torches?
By Anonymous
Nope, Bloodborne had the Hunter’s Torch.
By Anonymous
DS3 had follower's torch too
By Anonymous
There's also the Torchpole. It's a torch, on a pole. It's like the Washing Pole of Torches.
By Anonymous
Where is it located
By Anonymous
The knights holding the pole torches in Stormveil castle dropped one for me
By Anonymous
The "Torch Pole" is a torch on a pole?
By Anonymous
It is, but it falls under the category of Spear, as well as its functionality. Just thinking of it as a spear that has a spear bit that's on fire.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
there is a “Ghostflame Torch” as well that burns white and “causes frost buildup (65)” scales with strength (E) dex (E) and int (D)
By AptGetGnome
There is also the ghostflame torch which is found pretty shortly after you enter nokron
By Anonymous
There's also the Ghostflame Torch
By Anonymous
I found another one called "Sentry Torch"
By Anonymous
Where and what do
By Anonymous
Where and what does it do
By Kaldeas
Got it too, from a merchant in the Hermits shack.
It has holy damage and the normal torch attack skill, but the more interesting thing is that the description states that it "allows the bearer to see assassins cloaked in veils."
By Kaldeas
Ah, sorry I meant Hermit Merchant Shack in Leyndell
By Anonymous
Ghostflame Torch, you can get it at the Lost City of Nokron, off to the side of the entrance on a tower. It scales with INT
By Anonymous
sentry's torch sold by hermit merchant for 7000 souls. interactive map coords roughly -88.75:107 (hard north of reyndell royal capital and west of that minor erdtree, up on the westernmost side of that cliff area west of said tree).

torch itself presumably reveals invisible entities if its flavortext is anything to go by. weighs 5, base dmg phys 56? holy 100?, req(scaling) of 15(d) str, 8(e) dex, 15 (d) faith. block stats are unsurprisingly trash, cannot be infused with ashes of war, and is upgraded with somber smithing stones. if the first upgrade is anything to go by, only str and faith scaling increase with upgrades.
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