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By Anonymous
I like to call this weapon "the dragon slayer". Get underneath any dragon with this thing and blast them right in the gooch with the AoW. It's surprisingly effective and very satisfying. 10/10 would recommend.
By Anonymous
The physical resistance strength builds get is absurd. Add high fire resistances from 60 vigor. Then both resistances will stack on top of scaled armor and 2134 hp. 40 str,48 fth and my cranial will not overcome the resistances of meta builds in duels: I chose those investment numbers specifically to get the max AR/catalyst scaling per point. On my other 50 fth build, a sacred infused mace will do 4-500 dmg against the same meta build. While this greathammer does 2-350 dmg with higher stat requirements, investment and higher AR on stat menu. FGMS only lasts 30 seconds but is necessary to make a great hammer overcome resistances. Meanwhile a double lance enthusiast can 3 shot my heavy armor, 60 vigor build. At least this almost 800 AR greathammer does good damage to anything that’s not a strength build and the ash can mess up ganks.
By Anonymous
Lol not good duels, half decent in invasions. Not bad in PvE... And it's a crazy dudes head. I like it
By Anonymous
Slow ash but BEEFY DAMAGE. Also the guy freaking sliced his head off just to tell the others to stop being lazy what a chad!
By Anonymous
This is great for beating Radagon and elden beast
By Anonymous
out of all somber weapons, this has the most fire damage by far
By Anonymous
Yooo, Link won against Chase I'm the weapon showcase!
By Anonymous
U wot mayt?
By Anonymous
Another waste of space.
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By EvilUnicornLord
The ash of war is slooooow. Should be more like Morne's Hammer in DS3 so you can effectively use it.