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By Anonymous
Cut his own head off to be a candlestick and we out here swinging it like a club smh
By Anonymous
no, ur smackin HIS head
By Anonymous
I admire his conviction, but you have to question if his head was in the right place when he did this.
By Anonymous
lets just say his head definitely is not in the right place
By Anonymous
His head is still on the stick so it is technically the right place for it
By Anonymous
Bro must've been off his head when he made that decision!
By Anonymous
anyone found this yet
By Anonymous
Surprised no one has found this yet.
By Anonymous
Is this something I can sprint to mid game or is it big boss fight locked?
By captivated
its in a late game area you need to beat late game bosses to get to no way around it that im aware of
By Anonymous
Bare minimum you have to kill Margit, Godrick, Rennala, and Morgott
By miori
Comment above is wrong you only "need" to kill Morgott coz he is the only one who blocks you from entering Mountaintops of the Giants
By Anonymous
But don���t you need to take out 2 ring bearers to get access to morgott?
By Anonymous
Not necessarily. There is a way to teleport into the capitol without needing the 2 runes. I forget where i think one of the underground areas.. but then yeah still gotta beat margot anyway to get to mountaintops
By Anonymous
you can't use the underground tp unless you have 2 runes on you, people already tested it. you have to sequence break with glitches or do the bosses required
By Anonymous
since it's not mentioned on the page, this thing attacks extremely fast. It feels as if it has the same attack speed as a regular curved sword or faster. It also gets a B scaling in both faith and str at +10 and just testing with a build that can barely wield it (faith boosting via accessories and great rune) the weapon art seems to do about as much damage as Radhan's swords, minus the pull effect but it is fire which is useful as cc against most horde enemies
By LordGenocide257
Can’t you cut off your own head to make a candle in fallen London?
By Anonymous
Careful, don't want to be accused of spoiling SMEN. They'll carve you a new behind if they catch you at that
By Prtssguy
Can confirm this attacks at the same speed as other Warhammers with R1, R2, 2H R1 and 2H R2. It's exactly the same.
By Anonymous
one of the few great str/faith weapons, get under a large enemy and go ham with the ash of war attack, the initial cast seems to take longer than the repeat casts. Really low FP consumption for the damage you can do with it.
By Anonymous
"Concerned over the lazy arrogance with which the monks treated the Flame [...]"
What a holier than thou type of person damn, no wonder they left him in the bottom of some grave lmao
By Anonymous
He's literally "holier than thou" since his fire still burns.
By Anonymous
The bottom of a grave is where you leave people you respect.