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By Anonymous
weird how there is no int scaling reapers, like how theres no fth scaling katanas.
By Anonymous
Use a magic ash of war. Scales Int B
By Anonymous
With a faith scaling katana, you can legit say that you have the power of God and Anime.
By Anonymous
i use two grave scythes with cold affinity on both. raptor of the mists on right, bloodhound step on the left. in my experience i get way more offensive power from just the scythes than any ashes that fit on them, so i use raptor as a parry, if raptor activates: L1 to jump attack, if it doesn't: R1 to crouch attack (or roll away). two-hand the left scythe when i need speed, dodge attacks are way faster when two handing which is a nice bonus.

- dual wield jump attacks are really strong and have good recovery
- crouch attacks are quick
- dual wield basic do not have very good efficiency for damage, speed, or stamina, but have pretty good poise damage and duration for stunlocking in PvE
- you don't need to constantly two-hand, one-hand, or dual wield, all stances can hold up to each other in some fashion
By Anonymous
i love this weapon class because nobody ever uses it
By Anonymous
"Reapers you say? Hell, cowboy, we gotta train more of these guys, they're seriously bad ***!"
By Anonymous
Scythes are fun weapons but sadly, they seem to be a bit lackluster compared to some other weapon classes.

It feels like there is missing something when playing one of them. The damage is average, the swing speed rather slow and the Poise damage is also mediocre. The moveset is not to bad with some good range but it's definitely not as good as DS3 Friede scythe f.e.

BUT From finally added a unique critical strike animation which is great btw!
After seeing it tho, I kinda wish scythes had some special kind of innate crit multiplier with that decap animation. That would be cool!

Anyways, conclusion is, compared to Twinblades, Katanas and some of the heavy hitting weapons they seem to be a little weak but overall it's still a fun weapon class which can work good on status or faith builds + these beauty's got some sex!
So if you enjoy them or think they look cool, play them. Everything can work in Pve!
By Anonymous
Did i wake up and miss new update where their poise damage was nerfed? Cause they do same poise damage to halberds which is enough to stagger even very large enemies like omens on regular attacks (they can counter being staggered to death with hyper armor moves though) and has inate bleed....
Now the range can be improved as all scythes currently has the same or even shorter range then some of the greatswords, great axes,great curved swords, great hammers etc... Which is just sad in comperesment to ds3 and even ds2...
By Anonymous
I feel like single moveset of these is slow and weird. The animations have lag between them for combos. I only like dual wielding them as their moveset is faster and much much better.
By Anonymous
Dual grave scythe L1 is really good and fun and can have some nasty bleed
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By IgnatiusZ
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Disappointing The gravity stone miner's weapon and the small flying marionette soldier's weapon aren't obtainable when the reapers class is lacking so much.
By Anonymous
so no scythes with bleed and arcane scaling? disappointed
By Anonymous
You ever hear of infusions? Pretty neat stuff.
By Anonymous
Occult Grave Scythe.
By Anonymous
Ashes of war exist
By Anonymous
grave scythe and regular scythe with bleed/occult infusions...use that smooth brain of yours before you make such a redundant comment.
By Anonymous
very awkward weapon class, gets the worst of both worlds, slow attacks and low poise damage, gets out ranged, no hyper armour and no multi hits, explains why you never see anyone using or talking about them (apart from people using winged scythe just for the L2 spam)
By Anonymous
Not sure where all no poise damage coming from, they deal the same poise damage as halberds...
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