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By Anonymous
Do scythes still have their sweetspot gimmick in this game?
By Anonymous
Nope. There's no such problem anymore.
By Anonymous
Nope, there's no such problem anymore.
By Anonymous
Odd that you're calling it a problem when it meant that the weapon actually took some semblance of skill to use, which made it quite fun.
By Anonymous
My friend found a reaper called the Halo Scythe in a root swamp; have a pic of it and the place was Inner Aeonia grace in Swamp of Aeonia
By Anonymous
Do you know where at he found it? Or did it drop from the halo scythe enemies?
By Anonymous
Did he find it off a drop from the Halo Scythe enemies, or did it have a location in the world?
By Anonymous
Did it come from a drop or was it at a place in the world?
By Anonymous
Could you be a bit more specific? I ran around the swamp and couldn't find it.
By Anonymous
Could you be more specific about where to find it? I ran all around the swamp without much luck.
By Anonymous
Could you be a little more specific? I ran all around the swamp but could not find it.
By Anonymous
can you please give the cords of the location and the stats? i have been looking all over around the inner aeonia grace and can't find it
By Anonymous
The knights around the area drop them but the drop rate seems really bad. I had multiple copies of the sword and armor before finding a single halo scythe. It has holy damage with faith scaling 118 raw and 76 holy with Scaling for D strength, D dex, and E faith at lvl 1. Haven't found the loot anywhere in the swamp. Ash of war is Miquella's Ring of Light. Cannot be infused with Ashes of War.
By Anonymous
after roughly 2 hours and 60~ drops, i have still NOT found a SINGLE one. i highly recommend not bothering with grinding unless you have decent arcane and drop rate boosters. there should really be an npc vendor who just sells this stuff
By Anonymous
Bro been playing since yesterday, acquired Cleanrot Knight Full armor set along with halo scythe I'm telling you now very useful farming tool
By Anonymous
Found the "Grave Scythe" It drops from the skeletons wielding scythes. I got it from the Skeleton from the graveyard just west of the Summonwater Village Outskirts grace, the graveyard where you find D. Been trying to farm a second one for a while and the drop chance seems pretty low.
By Anonymous
So calculating the ≈60 xp the skeleton drops (I ignored the other skeletons and killed only the scythe one) after ≈94 kills I received 4 Human Bone Shard's and 1 Grave Scythe on the 94th kill
By Anonymous
Can confirm this, dropped after 27 kills. Weight 9.5, Phy 144 49, Crit 100, all non-phy guard 33, Str 17D, Dex 13D, Blood loss 55, Spinning Slash. Basically another version of Scythe.
By Anonymous
just a heads up there is a spot just north of storm vail castle that has a graveyard that consistently spawns 4 or so of those skeletons pretty close together! that's how I farmed them...with the help of a item finder boost boost
By Anonymous
Can confirm, unfortunately there is only one skeleton with a scythe, I probably got it after killing the skeleton about 50 times ish? It's a good way to get runes if you are around level 10 (I started as a wretch)
By Anonymous
Where is this, graveyard north of the castle?
By Anonymous
Finally! I found my boy!
By CheshireCat
I've added the Grave Scythe officially though the image could do with tidying up and it needs it stats if someone wants to give it a go
By MartyrsBlood
Added the Halo Scythe, but don't know how to create a new page. If someone could do that and link it, I'll add the info.
By Anonymous
Found a scythe called "Halo Scythe". Dropped by Cleanrot Knights in the swamp and Aeonia.
By Anonymous
Halo Scythe: 118 Physical: 76 Holy. Str (13-D), Dex (16-D), Int - , Fai (E-15), Arc -. Caused Blood Bleedup (55). Ash: Miquella's Ring of Light. Drops from Cleanrot Knights in Caelid Blood Swamp by Commander O'Neil.
By CheshireCat
Thanks guys, I've added a page for the Halo Scythe though I noticed some conflicting info regarding its stats. I will try to grab it myself later and update the stats but if anyone else can do it please feel free thank you.
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