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By Anonymous
So the basic one increase attack power a wooping 3%
By Anonymous
That's not at all what it says or does. Re-read.
By Anonymous
There's a Greater version of this
By Anonymous
Appears to work on Magma Blade's AoW, Magma Shower. I absolutely slaughtered that giant blue golem on the cliffside near the Minor Erdtree in Caelid.

First time trying it against the golem I melted his health and would stagger him repeatedly before he could get off an attack. This talisman pairs beautifully with an upgraded Magma Blade!
By Anonymous
Does this work with Nebula, the Wing of Astel weapon skill?
By Anonymous
I know that it doesn't apply to the godskin peeler's weapon art, so I assume it's only direct physical damage from regular combos. But don't quote me on that.
By Anonymous
fun fact : it seems hitting the fire cannons/balistas etc also triggers the effect, situational but food for thought
By Anonymous
Yes. It works on godskin swaddling cloth as well. Cannons=free health
By Anonymous
The short spear and cleanrot knight spear both appear to activate the insignia if you land the double thrust R2
By Anonymous
I think R2s count as 2 hits over 1 so that would double the normal 2 hits to 4 which would proc it instantly. Not 100% sure, someone can fact check me if they want.
By Anonymous
How well does this work with barbaric roar R2 Chain?
By Anonymous
"Effect activates after 3 hits, regardless of weapon class."

^Can someone clarify this for me? Is that three hits to activate the third tier, or three hits needed to activate the FIRST tier?
By Anonymous
3 hits activate the first tier ofc. Then another 3 for the second tier and 3 more for the third tier, totalling 9 hits.
By Arham
People are spreading misinformation, this doesn't affect Gravity Bolt weapon skill at all.
By Arham
doesn't affect continuous damaging spells like comet azur and meteorite
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