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By Anonymous
Something fun I've found is to have a higher damage weapon with Redmanes, and have this weapon with Glintblade Phalanx. Buff with Glintblade Phalanx on Miséricorde, swap to other weapon, run up to something, glintblades fly into enemy, use redmanes once, and it's a huge chunk of poise damage. It knocks down omens in the subterranean shunning grounds instantly. Switch back to Miséricorde for high crit.
By Anonymous
''The weapon's name is based on the French word for "Mercy".''

Not really. In fact its based on ''Misere'' aka misery in English. Misericorde is more like ''clemency out of guilt over misery'', as in having mercy for the misery of an opponent or individual after defeat, and was most commonly used under a context where your fate is dependent on the decision of someone else, either voluntarily so or not. It isn't inherently merciful in intent, for whoever you'd submit to could just as well decide to kill you, it just mean that the decision is out of your own jurisdiction and therefor you beget them for mercy, but was most commonly used used in a context where a quick death was considered the merciful option. In turn, the IRL dagger design purpose was to be able to land a killing blow on heavily armored opponent, and was made so it could easily weasel itself between plates and chainlink as to deliver a quick strike to vital organs, and wasn't intended for active combat but more of a mean to expediate the execution of armor clad soldiery whom otherwise couldn't be easily killed. Like rather than bash their skull in an unceremonial fashion with a club or hammer, or dull your weapon trying to jab them, you'd take this dagger and shiv them in the armpits so they'd die rapidly of bloodloss rather than agonize on the battlefield.

That was my autistic 2 cent rant, have a good day.
By Anonymous
Miséricorde is litteraly a french word dude, what are you talking about..
(source: i'm French)

NB: a lot of the English vocabulary is derivative from the French.
By Anonymous
Autistic rant checks out, you seven downvoters can suck it up ahaha:

To the Frank: it's not super clear the way he wrote it but he doesn't mean it's not a french word; what 2cent means is that it doesn't simply mean "mercy" the way the word is typically used in English, but that it is a specific variation / connotation of mercy having to do with sparing an enemy. The etymology of the words supports his assertion. But he never means to say that the word isn't French, just that it isn't the typical "normal" mercy meaning.
By Anonymous
Don't listen to the other french dude, lacking language knowledge as most peeps nowadays. No, "a lot of the English vocabulary is derivative from the French" isn't exactly right : English uses a lot of french words, and french (fewer) english words. The OP however is on point with his description. Miséricorde, showing mercy/generosity in contemplation of misery. Mercy alone would translate in french as "Pitié".
By Anonymous
Who cares what it means? It's French.
By Anonymous
I've seen no one mention this so here I go. Nothing in the tooltip for this weapon says anything definite about it being French or being based on French. It just happens to have a name with distinctly French roots and Mercy sounds cool so you're all assuming this is French. However, there is an English word called Misericord/Misericorde that is in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It means as follows: "a small projection on the bottom of a hinged church seat that gives support to a standing worshipper when the seat is turned up." For the sake of argument and trolling I'm going to claim this as the weapon's actual meaning since I cannot be proven otherwise. Fear my church seat.
By Anonymous
Oh the misericorde, everybody wants to be my enemicorde
By Anonymous
Fun fact, Executioners greataxe outperforms this in the crits department at high strength. In PvE you're still better off using this since most humanoid enemies are weak/neutral to pierce damage but for PvP or if you just don't like swapping use the Executioner greataxe. Especially if you're a strength build.
By Anonymous
Fun fact, it doesn't. With 80 dex a lightning miséricorde has 470 AR while a fire EGA has 810 AR two handed with 66 str, but miséricorde has a motion value of 560 on ripostes and EGA has 57.5 + 230.
By Anonymous
Use the Carian Greatsword/Grandeur ash with this and you basically have a makeshift Aquamarine Dagger on steroids.
By Anonymous


Roids are Rad!
By Anonymous
You know the rules so do I...
By Anonymous
Say goodbye
By Anonymous
Parrying powerstance ROB Soreseal katana users in PvP, has never been as fun as it is with this and the dagger talisman, lightning enchantment and boosts. I'm coming in hot with over 1900 damage riposte at level 40, boys. Stop abusing Soreseal, because it's only making me harder.
By Anonymous
man pvpers are weird as ****
By Anonymous
yessss, + for anyone having difficulty with getting the parry off, try golden parry on a small sheild, the range and window is super easy to parry Corpse Piler, those ROB spammers flee like mice
By Anonymous
Oh boy if it isn’t the misery-cord!
By Anonymous
You can also use shield attacks for high poise damage output instead of FOTR
By Anonymous
What would hurt more in a crit? A massive greatsword that only few people have ever wielded requiring inhuman strength to use, or one stabby dagger
By Anonymous
Elden Ring devs: size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it.
By Anonymous
The answer is, the renamed Dragonslayer axe from DS3.
By Anonymous
Looking for realism in the mechanics of a video game.. Bright idea.
By Anonymous
The black mamba has the deadliest snake bite in the world, despite it’s bite not being the most venomous.
By Anonymous
Easier to target vital organs with a dagger.
By Anonymous
19 Sep anon doesn't know what a joke is lmao
By Anonymous
Small blades fit between armor pieces better. Makes more sense being able to critically damage vulnerable spots and vital organs
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