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By Anonymous
Here before the one-shotted start arguing about 140 crit
By Anonymous
What kind of backstab damage are you getting on the first guard in front of Gatefront? I'm getting 2055 with a magic infused +25 (60 INT, 50 Dex, 11 Str). If I use the dagger talisman I get 2384. Edit: well shoot, I'm not a quality build but I switch to lightning just for the kicks and was shocked I jumped to 2453. Thanks for the tip!! For some reason I'm getting E Str, C Dex, and C Magic scaling with lightning? Was it always like that!?!
By Anonymous
Edit: whoops I'm not getting magic scaling just C dex and E Str. Misread that.
By Anonymous
Murky's Quickstep + Aquamarine design + Dark Silver Tracer's High Crit = This beauty
By Anonymous
By far the most overpowered weapon in the game. Oneshots everything with a single backstab.
By Anonymous
I hope this things good I’m Boutta upgrade it
By Anonymous
If you run a deck build, definitely use it for backstab. It's also decent if you need some quick hit
By Anonymous
I was going to buy the Rapier, but then I saw this baby.
By Anonymous
The ultimate stat stick. I use it for golden vow buffing before hard fights. It's light, and the crit will do a ton of damage regardless of your stats. I honestly can't think of a reason not to have it equipped
By Anonymous
Is this the best parry crit dagger for one shots?

I'm not sure if the basic dagger won't outscale it on max with 50 Dex. Any info?
By Anonymous
dagger would probably fall off in damage if not quality built, pure dex this dagger would be OP i suppose (because of stat scaling)
By Anonymous
Notably can be used by Astrologers with default stats
By Anonymous
Yes and it���s a fantastic weapon for an astrologer. Toss on an int scaling ash and swap to this for backstabs or criticals against opponents you stagger with rock fling.
By Anonymous
I'm gonna see tons of invaders pull out this knife after a parry, aren't i?
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