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By Anonymous
lucatiels greatsword
By Anonymous
Discount Hollowslayer Greatsword.
By Divine_Knight
Dont be fooled, dex seems to add more damage at same level. This scales almost equally, but a little better with dex. To me, atleast.
By Anonymous
How good is lighting infusion on this?
By Anonymous
I like the 2H R1 but to really make this good it should have kept the 2H R2 and roll attack from the Hollowslayer/Mirrah Greatsword.
As it stands it's a bit weird to be doing skilled and technical attacks and then transition into a clumsy ground slam.
By Anonymous
Sleekest European style sword in the entire game. The devs used the DS2 Drangleic Greatsword moveset and DS3 Hollowslayer moveset. Its the only western style moveset that has a historical look to it.
By Anonymous
Longsword: Am I a joke to you?
By Anonymous
Finding it hard to see how it is sleek. It's very oversized. There are plenty of more realistic and elegant looking swords.
By Anonymous
Looks cool
Nice moveset
Good damage
Nice range
I have nothing bad to say about this sword
By Anonymous
Also works better than most other greatswords when it comes to lighting infusions
By Anonymous
Something that's interesting about this weapons is that the quality affinity actually performs well here, even competes with heavy. Very rare to see quality actually being viable on anything outside of non-meta high levels.
By Anonymous
2H 40/40 +10 Quality is 645 AR. Moving the 28 Dex levels past reqs over to Str, 2H 68/12 +10 Heavy is 690. 1H 40/40 +10 Quality is 590 while 1H 68/12 +10 Heavy is 631. Even though that's a relatively small gap for most instances of quality infusion in this game, Heavy is still better, and it still isn't worth it until your character is hilariously overleveled.
By Anonymous
I'm 410 and just started new game plus, probably going to use this at level 500, I don't think that's over leveled.
I may even push to 600
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By Kaze
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^^^ Mohg palace grinder spotted.
By Anonymous
This weapon has served me well first play through
By Anonymous

"KNIGHT's Greatsword": "Greatsword bestowed upon skilled swordsmen in the demigods' service, and yet had NO RANK OR TITLE." Apparently I'm not the only one waiting on the great Kenneth Haight to get his act together and start knighting knights.
By Anonymous
Have you seen the condition of his fort? That's gonna a new Age's worth of work to fix.
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