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By Anonymous
The Astora Greatsword has a goth older sister, I see.
By Anonymous
A sexy one too
By Anonymous
Where is the location?
By Anonymous
Where is it?
By Anonymous
Where do I get this sexy beast?
By Anonymous
I got it from a knight guy who is carrying it but I don't know where now. Also not sure if it is a random drop or guaranteed. Sorry not sure where. Maybe north of Stormhill Shack up the hill.
By Anonymous
I just got the sword by farming the lightning knight by Artists shack. It took me a while even with the item that boosts your item discovery. GL
By Anonymous
where exactly?
By Anonymous
Found it! Almost definitely not the only location. Liurnia of the Lakes |> Bellum Highway |> East Raya Lucaria Gate. After spawning at the SoG, head North-East to the right of the ruins. Continuing up the hill past a patrol of four foot soldiers and a patrol of two. On your left will be a cliffside encampment with one foot soldier and a Cuckoo Knight holding the Knight Greatsword
Drop Rate sucks. I'd guess anywhere from 1/10 - 1/100 for any piece of armor or the sword. Foot soldiers give okay runes and get in the way so I'd suggest killing them as well.
By Anonymous
Thanks got it on 2nd try ;)
By Anonymous
Can also find it from a Knight just north east of the Warmaster Shack Site of Grace. You can see them carrying it so they're easy to identify.
By Anonymous
I suggest killing the enemies on the western side of the camp by jumping on the rocks adjacent to the wooden barricades (preferably with the aid of Spirit Ashes), then triggering the tripwire "bell" trap.

Once this is done, the resting Godrick Knight will stand up and walk over to the western barricades, allowing you to fight him away from his dogs (which won't get up). You may need to kill a couple more Foot Soldiers, but this is safer than risking an engagement with the dogs.
By Anonymous
There's a knight in the camp near pot warrior Alexander. He drops it.
By Anonymous
There's a godrick knight you can farm near the north-east of the warmaster's shack, although I'd recomend going a bit further north to the deathtouched catacombs. You aggro less enemies from the north entrance, letting you warp and respawn the knight faster.

It's also a pretty rare drop, so expect a long grind
By Anonymous
Def a bit of a grind, but I am finding the more you kill of an enemy the more the drop rate matures. I farmed the full Godric Knight's armor set from the spear captain roaming the Gatefront Ruins. After a bit of a grind they were dropping two armor set items at a time occasionally. I think this 'transfered over' because it only took about 8 kills at the site you found and I had the sword.
By Anonymous
Literally 85 kills with boosted drop chance, several full armor sets later: NOTHING. GOD HELP ME.
By Anonymous
I got it the very first time I killed him. Thought it was a guaranteed drop. Guess I got really lucky!
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