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By Anonymous
DUAL WIELD!! Great with another straight sword; currently have the Rotten Crystal sword in the off hand. Frost also good
By Anonymous
A cold or flame art longsword or lordsworn goes pretty good, flame if you want faith and cold if you want int abd status
By Anonymous
This is truly a weapon for int/fth hybrids. it doesn't really perform on a pure fth or pure int build that well.
By Anonymous
Sword is good, people in this thread just don't know how to make a build that isn't just 99 int and 9 vigor
By Anonymous
Hope they buff this weapons base attack damaged it looks amazing and has really cool lore so it’s underwhelming damage is really sad, you’d think they’d learn from the dancers twin blades how not to make a bad split scaling weapon
By Anonymous
Its main function is using the free sorcery and incant you get with the art. Its a catalyst built as a sword
By Anonymous
take away the fire and faith req so i can use this thing
By Anonymous
You wanna take away the single weapon that int/fth have for them... cmon man
By Anonymous
Average ER player discovers not every item is for every character build:
By Anonymous
Use the carian knight sword and comet azur, megamind
By Shadebedlam
I dont understand this sentence: "This weapon utilizes Thrusting R2s when one-handed, and Slashing R2s when two-handed. Due to the very low STR scaling, and the superior thrusting moveset, one-handing this weapon is advised in most scenarios"

I am in a NG+ so if I want to use two of these swords powerstanced and have a build with high INT+FAI would that somehow be weaker than having just one sword? Is there a difference between "thrusting" and "slashing" in terms of scaling? I thought it was only visually?
By Badgerpunk
thrusting attacks can do counter damage and typically have longer reach, whereas it can be easy to whiff or bonk with the slash due to its shorter range and wider hitbox. weapon scaling is the same in either case but two handing generally does more damage per hit. dual wielding the swords will deal more damage than either option assuming you have enough stamina. altogether you dont need to worry about thrusting vs slashing much on this weapon anyway since less than half of its damage is physical so use whatever moveset you enjoy the best
By Anonymous
"Two-handed" in this case is referring to wielding a single weapon with both hands, not wielding one weapon in each hand.
By Anonymous
The good: it looks cool and has fun AoW
The bad: does crap damage and costs way too much FP.

Of all the legendary weapons in this game, this one requires way too much skill investment for very little return. Takes 6 swings to kill one low level soldier enemy? Boooooring. Might as well be using a wet noodle.
By Anonymous
Crap damage? You one-shot so many things with the skills, it rather trivializes the game.
By Anonymous
You clearly don't know how to build a character that can use this weapon to its max potential...
By Anonymous
Pretty sure that the damage from regular attacks with this weapon just doesn't count as fire damage for interactions with anything else. Doesn't affect fingercreepers or flowers.
By Anonymous
The basic attacks are weaker than a broadsword. The AOW is okay, but costs a ton of FP and is outclassed by a glintstone kris, moonveil, darkmoon greatsword or a frost spear. Bad weapon with high stat requirements.
By Anonymous
...something tells me you only bothered to try using this with a pure INT build
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By Veshna
If you're a caster of either faith or intel, you can stop looking for weapons after this one tbh unless you want something else stylistically. AoW acts as two spells that free up memory slots, and even on a hybrid intell/faith build they hit pretty hard if your enemy isn't resistant to magic or fire. Going full faith or full intell will still give you at least one nasty ability that'll hit like a freight train. The Comet portion also has a nasty habit of guard breaking or outright toppling over many human sized if you get a full beam, which isn't too difficult as the AI doesn't tend to want to bother to dodge it. The Flame Burst decimates crowds and staggers them briefly to SORTA make up for the very slow cast time; be careful, the wave can and will get you killed if you aren't careful with your timing.
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