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By Anonymous
How does Faith and Intelligence affect the scaling of this weapon and its skill(s)? The magic damage from intelligence and fire from faith, or do they both contribute to each?
By Anonymous
I didn't realize how important this question is till I read it.
By Anonymous
The skills seem to scale with the respective stats. So int scales the R1 and faith scales the R2 when in the stance. Damage is pretty nuts too. Like over 1k damage on both of them with base stats at +4.
By Anonymous
not hitting anywhere near as hard for me, around 600 ish on the WA, but normal light attack is 315 this is at +4
By Anonymous
So this one doesn't actually cast sorceries and has one built in as a weapon art?
By Anonymous
Yes, azure comet is the exact sorcery in the art
By Anonymous
Yes, while in stance you have access to 2 spells, R1 fires a magic laser and R2 does a sweeping flame attack.
By Anonymous
Stance skill scales to each stat. So int for the magic R1 beam and faith for the fire R2 slash. Damage is also insane and costs basically nothing to use. +4 with base stats is hitting over 1k on both versions. Also sorry if double post, on mobile.
By Anonymous
I picked this up on what was planned to be a pure caster build only using magic. With int and faith above 25 each, this weapon is doing more damage than any spell I've found at less FP cost. This thing utterly melts enemies and honestly feels a bit unbalanced... or maybe magic just needs to hit slightly harder. At this point I can't see a reason justifying casting attuned spells over just using these weapon arts
By Anonymous
it seems to scale with the sorcerer emblem too if im not incorrect, this **** is busted
By Anonymous
2 words. Fling Rock.

Hits 420 dmg every cast with meteorite staff at only 30 int. Both can be found easily without fighting.
By Anonymous
Yeah but dang its slow as hell
By Anonymous
It scales with the sorcerer talisman, if there is a fait one it will also scale on that as the flames are an incantation, AND it scales with str, dex, int & fth... its the perfect weapon for quality builds and my main for my first few playthroughs, putting points in any of those 4 stats will up the damage of the weapon and thats nutty... especially since there isnt a card cap on any stat except Endurance.... just imaging the damage of a 99 max stack build running the sorcery talisman & the talisman that buffs all attacks if you're at full health...
By Anonymous
How early can you get this?
By Icedecknight
After killing the first major boss, Godrick. Pretty sure you can run/ride straight to the manor. I would do it after leveling though as the sword has decently high requirements for early game.
By Anonymous
You can get it if you take detour around the castle. You can get it right at the start of you dodge all the enemies.
By Anonymous
You can skip the entire castle and go there as soon as you finish the tutorial
By Anonymous
you can get it without even defeating Godrick but the int and faith requirements are pretty high
By Anonymous
you can get it even before setting foot into stormveil castle. just walk around the castle to get to liurnia lake, the academy town and lastly the manor. i dont think there is anything stopping you from getting it as soon as you leave the tutorial.
By Anonymous
Immediately. Before defeating ANY boss. Just go to Carian Manor and get it from the chest there.
By Anonymous
U can just from the start go around castle stormveil directly to the manor after getting your horse.
By Anonymous
I went to get it right after I got Torrent, then went to backstab monster in Bestial Sanctum to get to level 38 as 'Prisoner' to get the skill working, took me total of 2 hours 48minutes to get to level 38 and +4 upgrade... of course without slacking and Somber pickups, I think two hours is doable to get it working. And yeah it's my second character, I actually just found it with my first and later started a new one to test it out, it's OP as **** btw.
By Anonymous
right after the character creation, no need for godrick these guys talking nonsense, I've done endgame north exploration before doing any boss in the starter area
By Anonymous
Very early if you know where to go. you don't even have to beat any of the main bosses, as you can completely side step the castle (like I did)

I had both this and the moonveil before even going to the castle. the game is completely open ended and can be played in whichever way you want.

This weapon can be gotten without killing a single enemy in the game. You just need to know where to go to get it.
By Anonymous
Can this weapon be buffed by spells?
By Anonymous
no it cannot
By Anonymous
It has elemental damage so most likely not.
By Anonymous
nope, its a unique
By Anonymous
Normal attacks feels... normal. BUT! The skills of this weapon hits like a truck.
By Anonymous
do you need to match the faith requirement to use the R1? does it work if all the other requirements are met?
By Eibon_the_Martyr
Yes, as long as you meet the stat requirements to actually wield the weapon properly you can use the skills that come with it.
By Anonymous
In most games you go to options to choose easy mode, in Elden Ring you go to Caria Manor.
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